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Sadboy E-Liquid - Custard Cookie

Nicotine Level

Think of your two favorite sweet treats, and chances are that cookies and custard come to mind. We usually feel like we have to make a tough choice between the two, even when vaping. But, thanks to Sadboy’s twisted imagination, we no longer have to choose. Custard Cookie is everything that your sweet tooth could ever ask for and then some, and thanks to their mad scientist-like approach to making e-juices, count on its quality being absolutely through the roof.

Once the vapor lands on the tongue, shockwaves of euphoria run through your veins thanks to those sweet n' buttery cookies which seem so authentic, you can sense the crispness and the warmth of the oven. Once you feel like you couldn’t possibly get more intoxicated by a flavor, rich, creamy vanilla custard smothers your palate, leaving it absolutely soaked in velvety goodness. Finally, enhanced sweetness makes you feel absolutely ecstatic throughout your body.

Prepare your vaping palate for something that will truly leave it wanting more.

VG/PG - 70/30

Flavor Style - Dessert/Cookie

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