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The rarest of the rare. King's Juice was created by a king, for kings. Before we could offer it, we had to be sure it was created for queens too. After a long and gruesome quest, we've come to the conclusion that yes, we can actually offer it to kings AND queens. So here we are. Enjoy a dark, sweet, vanilla oak vape that's rumored to have a little hint of coconut.

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This one is yummy and not just over stating here. It's like, a caramel coconut vanilla almond joy. It's good, although a bit strong on flavor for me but mix it with a bit of thsir vanilla cupcake and it lightens it up just right. I think it's great with some fruity flavors too. I'd say give this one a try if you haven't. And don't let the name fool you, this juice is for Queens too!!

Victorville, CA

A shot in the dark but very pleasantly surprised.

I bought 120 ml of this ejuice along with another flavor because the price was incredible...There was not much to lose if it doesn't work out. I really didn't know what to expect with this one. I read a few good reviews, and the flavor description sounded really interesting. I was curious what a flavor that wasn't a straight line flavor like blueberry tasting like blueberries, key lime pie tasting like key lime pie, peppermint tasting like peppermint. This flavor is so complex. Its well balanced, but there are a lot of interesting nuances going on. I can definitely see this being an all day vape. Its so interesting, yet not cloying. If you are interested in trying something a bit out of the box, I think you should try this flavor. I was pleasantly surprised. I rate this a 10 out of 10.

seattle, wa

fit for a king

i really like this combination i wish you could select different VG/PG ratio...say VG 10% PG 80% it would really make the flavor pop


Sample Pack

Ordered the sample pack: King's Juice, Seduction amd Super Cereal. King's Juice is one of the best juices I've ever tried. The almond shines here, with sweet vanilla and a note of coconut. Definitely an all day vape. Super Cereal is a sweet crunchberry flavor. Its spot on. Seduction is the best fruity limeade I've had in a long time. Definitely going to be buying more of these flavors very soon!


Kings Juice is my ADV!!!

Awhile back I won a giveaway at reddit for this company I had not head of. I took a chance on this interesting "King's Juice"... well, in that, I found my ADV. It is an amazing blend that may not be to everyones liking, but ****, is it to mine. I can't get enough of it, and heavily recommend people taking a shot on this, as it just goes with everything in my life. It truly is special.

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