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The rarest of the rare. King's Juice was created by a king, for kings. Before we could offer it, we had to be sure it was created for queens too. After a long and gruesome quest, we've come to the conclusion that yes, we can actually offer it to kings AND queens. So here we are. Enjoy a dark, sweet, vanilla oak vape that's rumored to have a little hint of coconut.

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my favorite

something about this just keeps me coming back. The hint of coconut is perfect!


Second try, different circumstances, still EXCELLENT!

Ok, I got into vaping 8 or 9 months ago. I purchased King's Juice at 18 mg Nicotine to use in my cheap low powered vape pen. Within a couple months I upgraded to a sub ohm tank and mod and I could not vape the high nic king's juice in it. Because I now make my own juices, I don't usually purchase pre-made flavors anymore. However this week for my birthday I splurged in a few premium flavors including king's juice at 3% nic. At 3 mg nic the flavor is different. Its almost like sipping on a sophisticated shot of whiskey on the rocks, but in a good way. A very mature nuanced flavor. Both times I purchased King's juice, I have loved it, even though under different circumstances the flavor is way different. This flavor is a nice ADV for doesn't get sickeningly sweet or cloying. I would buy again. At high nicotine I think it tastes a lot like an almond Joy which is awesome low nicotine, the flavor is more intense and the best way to describe it is smooth whiskey like with a lot of interesting flavor notes. I still can taste the almond joy, but its different.


Good flavor overall

I dont LOVE it - but I do like it! If you pull too fast or too many consecutive, you get a weird artificial flavor at different temperatures. On first pull its amazing, its a deep almost roasted coconut flavor with vanilla mixed in. I need to sit with it a bit longer, but this is VERY reminiscent of Blue Dot Vapors - Kings Castle... minus a couple flavors. 4 out of 5 for now!

United States


I recently won a Reddit give away, and when I was placing the order I needed one more bottle to round it out. I couldn't really decide. I ended up picking the King's Juice in a random click type thing. Oh man, this stuff is wonderful. I would have not picked it based on the description, but when it came in, and I tried new ADV. VIAB has wonderful flavors all around, Seduction, Fruit Basket, and Sour Trip are all good. However King's Juice is well...The King. If you're on the fence, try it. You won't be disappointed.



It isn't my favorite, but I definitely see the appeal. The flavor is excellent, but it's to heavy and syrupy for me to vape on a regular basis. It's like the Port Wine of vape juice for me, just a little bit every once in a while.

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