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Jam Monster - Mixed Berry Jam

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Jam Monster Mixed Berries Vape Juice is an e-liquid that tastes like a mixture of blueberry, strawberry and blackberry jelly (Or is it jam?…Does anyone know the difference between jelly and jam?) that is spread nice and evenly over a warm and crispy buttered toast.

From the first hit, the mixture of mixed berries is quite unique. First, you’ll taste the strawberries, not just any strawberries, but juicy, authentic tasting strawberries. Next, the blackberries and blueberries take the center stage and create an infusion of berry greatness. Somewhere in here, usually on the exhale, the creamy buttery toast makes an appearance and adds a very tasty finish to an already awesome vape juice.

The buttery toast is part of Jam Monster’s signature. Nobody does it better, and many have tried. There is something special about being able to combine such a seemingly non-combinable mixture of flavors. You’d think that a mixture of toast, butter and fruits wouldn’t mix well together, especially in a vape juice, but you’d be wrong. Jam Monster Mixed Berry does this, and does it incredibly well.

Jam Monster creates some really intense and unique flavors, and this Mixed Berry Jam E-Liquid does everything perfectly. If you’re looking for a mix of fruit and toast, look no further and pick up a bottle today!

VG/PG - 70/30

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