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Innevape Carousel Vape Juice is something great. It takes something we all love, Cotton Candy, and puts a unique twist on it that everyone will love.

Cotton Candy is pretty simple, yet everyone wants a perfect cotton candy vape juice. Since Cotton Candy is simply sugar, heated and spun into a giant web of sweetness, sometimes cotton candy vapes can be quite bland. This vape juice starts with a nice, carnival style spun sugar cotton candy and tweaks it just a bit in order to give it that WOW factor.

The WOW factor we’re talking about here is a mystery blend of fruit smoothies that is blended into the sweet cotton candy mixture. When we tried it, we couldn’t quite put our finger on what exact fruits were in it, but we do know they were pretty potent and tasted great. You’ll have to try for yourself and see what fruits you get, but if you like really sweet cotton candies and fruits, this is a perfect e-liquid for you.

Each bottle is 75mL and comes in a VG/PG blend of 70/30.

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