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Cloud Nurdz - Kiwi Melon Iced

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If there’s one company that doesn’t shy away from bold, intense flavors, it’s Cloud Nurdz. And now, we can experience their mastery of the candy vape market in a whole new way thanks to Kiwi Melon Iced. This e-liquid is really hard to resist, because it blends together succulent tropical notes and juicy melons, and if that wasn’t enough, finishes it all off with menthol. And, while this flavor profile intoxicates you, your sweet tooth will be screeching with joy thanks to the candied taste that ties everything together. 

With each blast of vapor that enters your mouth, bright and juicy kiwi flavor collides with your taste buds, ensuring that your mouth waters profusely. Its sweetness starts to come through as smooth melons emerge with their succulent juices. Then, intense sugariness ignites feelings of ecstasy within your senses, followed by chilliness that finishes things off flawlessly.

Now, you can understand why this vape juice is one of the most sought-after candy vapes on the market today.

VG/PG - 70/30

Flavor Style - Candy/Fruit/Menthol

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