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Cloud Nurdz - Kiwi Melon

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There’s nothing like a candy vape that’s multi-dimensional and realistic-tasting, rather than one-note and overly, synthetically sweet. Kiwi Melon is the e-juice that Cloud Nurdz has gifted to us in order to save our palates from the mediocrity that runs rampant throughout the vaping industry. It provides you with a balanced, layered and natural-tasting duo of juicy kiwis and crisp, smooth melons, which is a flavor combo that’s so outrageously tasty, we bet that you’ll never even dream of taking it out of rotation once you finally get your hands on it and pour it into your vape tank.

Each time you let that vapor into your mouth, the bright taste of tropical kiwi explodes on the tongue with its succulent juices that titillate your taste buds. Then comes the rush of smooth melon that mellows you out while making you feel deeply satisfied at the same time. The exhale provides you with pure sugary bliss that never tastes artificial, but simply uplifts your mood while making your sweet tooth screech with happiness.

Try Kiwi Melon and see for yourself why this is one of the most beloved candy vape flavors out there today.

VG/PG - 70/30

Flavor Style - Candy/Fruit

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