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Cloud Nurdz - Grape Strawberry Iced

Nicotine Level

Cloud Nurdz has earned a reputation for delivering some of the most sensational candy vapes on the planet, and Grape Strawberry Iced e-liquid is yet another example of their pure brilliance when it comes to juice-making. It offers the palate a succulent blend of juicy, ripe fruits that have been blended with just enough sugar to make the sweet tooth scream with delight, and it’s all topped off with a beautiful breeze of coolness that makes the senses feel restored and revitalized.

Once that cloud of vapor hits the taste buds, magic takes place throughout the palate as bold and beautiful grapes unleash their sensational juices all over your thirsty tongue. Then, the bright and perfectly ripe strawberries arrive to complement the grape flavor perfectly. The sugary notes become more intense as they creep their way to your sweet tooth, followed by a brilliant menthol finish.

If you’re looking for a candy-inspired e-juice that’s truly unlike anything else on the market, this is the one to reach for and add to your rotation. You won’t be sorry.

VG/PG - 70/30

Flavor Style - Candy/Fruit/Menthol

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