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Cloud Nurdz - Grape Apple

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What’s more euphoric than popping a sweet hard candy into your mouth? Well, how about one that you can vape, so that you can sidestep all of those nasty things that happen when you eat too much sugar all at one time? Cloud Nurdz - Grape Apple is the ultimate hard candy vape for those who crave fresh fruity flavors that are shamelessly doused in pure sugar. You won’t be disappointed as that sweet and refreshing flavor profile sweeps over your palate and makes you forget about your worries as long as the vapor is on your tongue.

When you first pull on your mod, you get a nice dose of intensely bold grape flavor that’s so exquisitely juicy, you’ll swear that you’re biting into the real thing. Just as your pleasure sensors are peaking, the smooth and crisp apple comes in to balance things out and provide complexity. When the time comes to exhale, the profound sweetness really sweeps you off of your feet.

Natural and clean-tasting, this e-juice really serves to remind vapers of what high-quality vapes are.

VG/PG - 70/30

Flavor Style - Candy/Fruit

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