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VIAB Bucks Reward Program

Earning VIAB Bucks is quick, easy and free.

What are VIAB Bucks?

VIAB Bucks are a valuable currency we use to reward you for making purchases in our store. You spend a dollar, you get a VIAB Buck. Once you get enough VIAB Bucks, you earn free bottles of VIAB E-liquid.

What can I earn?

At the release of this program, you may spend your VIAB Bucks on VIAB Brand e-liquid. For 100 VIAB Bucks, you can receive $8.99 off any VIAB Brand E-liquid (equal to a free 30ml). If you save up 200 VIAB Bucks, you can receive $19.99 off any VIAB Brand E-liquid (equal to a free 120ml bottle). VIAB Bucks are only redeemable for e-liquid manufactured by Vapor in a Bottle.

How do I sign up?

It's easy! If you already have a regular account with us and have placed an order, there's nothing you need to do. You're signed up and can check your point balance here. If you don't have an account with us, sign up for one and you'll get your first 50 VIAB Bucks just for signing up!

How do I earn points?

You earn one point for every dollar you spend with us. Dollars spent on taxes and shipping do not qualify for points.

How do I spend points?

Click on the VIAB Bucks Reward Program button at the bottom of your screen to bring up more information on how to redeem your VIAB Bucks.

Do my points expire?

No, your points will not expire.


Can I opt out of this program?

Sure, but why would you NOT want FREE stuff? If you really don't want to earn VIAB Bucks, shoot us an email or just simply don't use them!

Any questions or concerns? Shoot us an email at

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