#AF E-Juice - Loopy

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Loopy by #AF E-Juice is a fruit circle cereal.

Are you ready to be loopy AF? Well, get ready, cause the second you try this bottle, you'll be loopy for more!

All the wonderful loopy cereal without that harsh lemon taste. 

How did #AF E-Juice do it? Well, I don't know, but Andrew, the creator of this juice tells us that he's a huge lover of cereal vapes. Lover of cereal vapes that don't taste super lemony and harsh. So, he set out on a quest to make the perfect one. I'll spare you the details of his long and gory story, but just know, he went through the rain forest and back (about 6 times he says) to create something truly magical.

If you're a loopy cereal lover, this one's for you. If you're not, this one's probably for you too, seriously.

Primary Flavors - Loopy, Fruity Cereal


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