#AF E-Juice - Chill

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Chill from #AF E-Juice is a mix of juicy strawberry, mouth watering watermelon and a cool breeze of menthol.

Sit down, have a seat, take a hit and hang on to your seats cause this one is going to simply blow you away.

Chill is one of #AF E-Juices's many high quality flavor packed vape juices.

Imagine being on a farm, walking around picking fresh, ripe strawberries out of a field, popping them into your mouth, one by one. Then, you head over to where the juicy watermelons are grown, pick one up, and take a bite. It's not quite like that, because the outside of a watermelon isn't so tasty, but imagine the inside of the watermelon, yeah, that wonderful juicy taste.

Now, imagine that, but in your vape tank, with an added kick of menthol. If you're still with me here, Chill is for you, so grab yourself a bottle and thank me later.

Primary Flavors - Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol


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