Super Cereal

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and craved those little sugary squares, also known as Captain Crunch?

We've very accurately replicated the taste of this favorite morning cereal.

12 different flavorings went into the mix to create every single aspect of Captain Crunch.

Not only are the little sugary squares accurately captured in this flavor, but we've drenched them in milk.

Sometimes simple is better, so besides a slight bit of strawberry, which you may or may not be able to taste, there is nothing else here but those crunchy, sugary squares and a hefty serving of milk.

We're super serious, Super Cereal is super good.


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Victorville, CA


I am delighted about the quality of the flavor. It tastes exactly like Captain Crunch maybe with crunch berries. There is such a bold purity to the flavor. This was my first order, and because the price for 120 ml was what I spent on my first bottles of 30 ml for the same price, I really didn't have much to risk. I will be ordering again. I have an inexpensive sub ohm vape pen (joyetech ego aio). I will be upgrading, but I was nervous about the VG/PG ratio. I don't believe they specify the ratio on this product listing. When I received it, it was 80/20 VG/PG...this made me nervous because I worried about the viscosity not working well with my coils. However, it was fine...perfect draw, no gurgling, no I have to assume my device and coils are having no trouble processing this juice. I'd like to note that I just started Vaping a month ago in order to quit smoking. Now I have a collection of about 10 e-juices. Something I noticed is that after a couple weeks I could taste the flavors better. So I have a bit of advice if you are quitting smoking - revisit your flavors in a couple weeks and you'll notice they are better than you even thought originally.



Tried my friend's bottle, loved it. Now i'm here to buy my own :)

ken J.
United States

Super Duper

I tried this stuff when it was the flavor of the week, then I got more. If you enjoy captain crunch you’ll dig this

Aviv Vax

My absolute favorite

First of I want to recommend vapor in a bottle, their juices are in bargain prices and the quality and consistency is very high and the service is outstanding! I have tried over a dozen flavors from vapor in a bottle and over a 100 from other companies and this is my absolute favorite. It's sooooooo goooood. I never tasted the cereal it's based of, I don't think we have it in my country. This is an all day vape, I never get tired of vaping this and for some reason it never give me vape tounge. I wish I had more stars to give, 5 isn't enough, perfect!

United States

Great taste, great vapor production, great price!

This is really great juice for a really great price. I will definitely be ordering again.

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