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Why are Rip Bars the best disposable vapes of 2020?

In early 2020 we saw a surge of different disposable vapes come on the market. All have their creative names and flavors, but is there really any difference between all of them? The flavors actually all seem about the same, the bars pretty much all look the same, just a little different logo. Heck, they're probably all produced in the same factory.

So, which ones are worth trying, and which ones made it to the trash before the battery died?

Well, here at Vapor in a Bottle, we've tried many of these bars. In fact, we've tried so many we're tired of trying them. Some were good, and some were bad, some were okay, and some were just simply AWFUL.

We did the trying for you, and we've finally settled on one brand that stands above the rest, the RIP BAR!

Rip Bar - The longest lasting disposable vape

Rip Bars are little disposable vapes that hold about 1.8ml of e-liquid. The juice amount doesn't really matter in these, so long as they last a few hundred puffs before the battery dies out, because usually the battery dies before they go dry. 

Battery life is a big thing when it comes to picking out the best disposable vape. Who wants to buy a vape and have to throw it out the same day? Not us, and probably not you!

Our testing showed that most of these disposable vapes were advertised to last anywhere from 200 to 400 puffs, of course, depending how big your rips are, however, most didn't last anywhere close to the 400 puffs, even when taking little baby puffs. Most of the time, we were disappointed. 

The Rip Bar, however, did last. In fact, we even had one last 43 puffs longer than the advertised maximum. Maybe we got a supercharged one. Either way, we're satisfied.

Rip Bar - Long Battery Life - Disposable Vape

What else does the Rip Bar check off the list? With a long battery life, Rip Bars are certainly top of the line, but what about the flavor? Sure, you don't want your disposables dying quickly, but if they don't taste good, what's the point?

Long story short, Rip Bars are flavorful, and the flavor is GREAT. 

Sure, disposables haven't really reached the high level of flavor complexity that bottled e-liquid has, YET, but there is a difference between a good strawberry and a bad strawberry, and Rip Bars certainly are on the high end of the good side.

Rip Bars have five different fruity flavors to choose from, and let me tell you, they're all wonderful.

Here's a quick list of the flavors available.

Mango - The Mango rip bar really does taste like a mango. It's hard to describe a mango as anything other than a mango, but the flavor is there, and it's on point. It's sweet, but not too sweet to where it tastes artificial.

Strawberry - The Strawberry version of the Rip Bar is a spot on strawberry. When I vape it, I feel like I'm actually eating a strawberry. Again, not too sweet, but sweet enough to taste like a real strawberry.

Iced Grape - Iced Grape is the only menthol version of a flavor in a Rip Bar, and they do it right. Sometimes when I vape menthol versions of stuff, I find the menthol overwhelming, like I can't taste the actual flavor, only the menthol. The menthols I like (such as this one) are ones where we get a nice cold menthol flavor while at the same time being able to taste the grape. In this one, I get a nice menthol inhale, then when I exhale, I get that satisfying cool breeze of menthol that I absolutely LOVE.

Banana - Bananas are hard to do right, but Rip Bar nailed it. Sometimes, I like to pretend that I'm a monkey hanging from a tree, eating a fresh banana. When I take a rip off of my Banana Rip Bar, I get that feeling. Really though, the Banana is great, it tastes authentic. Just ask the monkey below....

Rip Bar Monkey

BluRaz - Raspberries are popular, they really are, especially blue ones (although I can't recall ever seeing a blue raspberry in real life...anyway) Rip Bar's BluRaz is great. I get a good strong, tart raspberry, with a little bit of that "blue" that we all like to taste. I really think this one is my favorite out of the five.

So, long battery life, great flavor...what else do we need? Really, with the simplicity of disposable vapes, there isn't much more to cover. They taste great, and they last a long time.

Instead of having 100 different options for essentially the same thing, we think if you're looking for a great disposable vape, you might as well get a Rip Bar.

These sell out fast, so check here to make sure we still have some in stock, if not, we'll have more soon! #LETITRIP

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