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VIAB Product Spotlight: Sourberry Gum

Sourberry Gum is the perfect e-juice flavor for the end of summer. Seasonal blueberries are blended with sour bubblegum to deliver the ultimate treat that will have you feeling like a kid again. This juice has a sugary candy finish that makes the sweet tooth swoon. If you're wild about bubblegum, this e-liquid is guaranteed to take care of your cravings. 

Vapor In A Bottle's Product Spotlight is Sourberry Gum, a sweet and sour bubblegum flavor that's bursting with fresh blueberry juice. Sweet and fruity, this vape juice doesn't disappoint. Every puff refreshes the palate while dousing the sweet tooth in sugar. 

The inhale delivers a mouth-puckering punch of sour berry flavor. The sourness makes you drool like crazy. As the sourness fades away, the sweetness of the blueberry flavor emerges. When you exhale, you'll enjoy the authentic taste of sugary, sticky bubblegum. You'll find yourself licking your lips long after the vapor escapes your mouth. 

This e-liquid available in two different sizes. Upon ordering, you can select your preferred nicotine strength. It’s made with the finest ingredients that money can buy. Therefore, you can be certain that it will taste delicious and fresh. 

Vapor In A Bottle is committed to delivering high-quality vape juices that are affordable and exquisitely tasty. When you explore the selection of flavors that Vapor In A Bottle has to offer, you'll be blown away by the diversity as well as the prices. 

Sourberry Gum is a sugary sweet and delightfully sour blueberry bubblegum flavor that's guaranteed to satisfy any candy lover. Each puff will have your mouth watering beyond your wildest dreams.

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