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Vaping Freebase E-Liquids in a Pod System

Now that pod mods are everywhere, vapers are happily switching from large, clunky box mods to these portable, lightweight and extremely user-friendly devices. 

However, not everyone is thrilled about salt nic e-liquid, the type of vape juice that’s compatible with these devices.  Salt nic e-liquid delivers a stronger throat hit, a more pronounced flavor and thinner vapor than vape juices that are made with conventional freebase nicotine.  While most vapers do enjoy these aspects, some miss their precious freebase nic e-liquid.

Fortunately, today, you can find a wide array of pod mod systems that are designed to be compatible with both types of e-liquid.  If you crave a more user-friendly, portable vaping setup but still want that freebase nicotine, you’re in luck.  However, it’s important to understand how vaping freebase nic e-liquid with a pod system works as it’s not the same as vaping this kind of e-liquid with a standard sub-ohm setup.

How to Vape Freebase Nic E-Liquid in a Pod System

Technically, you can use freebase nic e-liquid with any pod system.  The problem is that most pod systems weren’t created to handle this type of vape juice.  Freebase nic e-liquid is thinner than its salt nic counterpart, meaning that it’s more likely to leak through the cartridge of a pod system.  This is especially the case if you try to use freebase nic e-liquid with a pod system that uses pre-filled juice pods, such as JUUL.

However, nowadays, you’ll find several pod systems that are designed to be compatible with both salt nic and freebase nic vape juices.  These systems use pod cartridges that can handle both consistencies of vape juice without causing any leaks or clogs.  They utilize coils that are compatible with both types of nicotine.  Some even allow you to use a variety of coils in order to zero in on your sweet spot.

If you’re going to use a freebase nic e-liquid with a pod system, make sure that you invest in a pod system that’s compatible with this type of nicotine and that has a decent wattage range, as freebase nicotine performs best at higher wattage levels.

Know That Your Vaping Experience Won’t Be Quite the Same

While there are many freebase nic-friendly pod systems on the market today, know that you still won’t have the same vaping experience that you would if you were using this type of e-liquid with a box mod setup.  That’s mainly because of the fact that pod mods, by nature, are low-wattage devices.  This means that your flavor won’t be as pronounced, and your clouds won’t be as big.

Also keep in mind that you won’t experience the same throat hit that you would if you were vaping a salt nic e-juice.  Nicotine salts are the reason why you get such a strong punch to the throat while using a pod mod system.  If you do prefer a less pronounced throat hit, you may enjoy opting for freebase nic e-liquids while using a pod system.

Lastly, remember that it’s always wise to completely clean out your pod cartridge before switching to a different type of nicotine. 

Pod System Technology Continues to Grow

Thanks to the new versatile pod devices that are coming out, vapers can switch between freebase nicotine and salt-based nicotine with incredible ease.  By opting for a high-quality device and understanding the limits of pod systems, vapers can enjoy their freebase nicotine while using a travel-friendly, streamlined vaping setup.
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