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Vape Batteries That Work and Last Matter!

Most batteries we buy come pre-charded and ready to be used. After the charge is depleted, this is when maintenance and care by the user can keep your battery running longer while providing an overall better vaping experience.

Making sure your battery is fully-charged is the first step to battery maintenance. Once depleted, leave it on the charger until the indicator light on your battery engages. This may take up to 3 hrs. for a full-charge, depending on your battery, and whether it features an indicator light.

During regular use of your unit, it is a good idea to keep the contacts between the battery and clearomizer tank clean and dry. Dis-assembly between filling and charging is a good time to do this. It is as simple as running a dry cotton swab around the contacts of the battery and clearomizer to clean up any residue of e-juice and is a quick and easy way to make sure your battery is running at peak performance. Don't forget to clean between the threads, and the charger contacts as well. 

If this cleaning is not performed for long periods, dried up e-juice builds up and requires an increasingly harder draw to produce vapor, and in this way the components of the e-cigarette are stressed. Some symptoms of this are excessive heat emanating from the battery causing the device to overheat, lowered charge capacity increasing the frequency between charges, and damage to the clearomizer components, potentially requiring repair or replacement of the tank or battery entirely.

Often you may find your battery indicator light flashing. Most often this indicates the battery is low and needs to be recharged, but this is also a way for the battery circuit to indicate that something may be wrong. Many times, the above cleaning steps will quickly resolve the issue, but it could indicate other things are wrong with your device. 

If a quick clean of the contacts and a recharge doesn't resolve the issue, you may have pressed the center pin on your battery too far by over-tightening your clearomizer tank. An easy way to determine if this is the case is to check for excessive leaking of e-juice between the battery and tank. Clean the contacts and re-insert the battery more loosely.

Fixing the problem might not be so simple in some cases, as the center pin might become wedged, preventing normal use, and even keeping the battery from charging altogether. Gently prying the pin loose with tweezers, a toothpick, or a paper clip might restore the pin to its original position allowing for normal use and charging to resume.

After attempting the above and still finding no solution to the problem, you may be out of luck as your battery's circuit may be damaged. Contacting your retailer or manufacturer may be your last resort for repair or replacement.

Keeping up regular maintenance and cleaning your battery ensure you the best vaping experience possible.

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