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Vape Backups are Essential

When vaping, you don't usually consider the fact that your equipment and supplies run out. Most people only have their vape, a bottle of e-juice, and a tank or RDA. It's important to keep in mind that if one of these parts break or runs out, you're out of luck for a while. Some people have countless vapes and tons of extra parts. This isn't necessary for most people, but there is nothing wrong with having a few spare parts.

The smartest thing to you can do is buy extras of everything you need to run your vape. You might be thinking that spending extra money for things that you don't really need is wasteful. It's not though, over time, you'll spend the same amount of money since you'll have to replace parts when they break.

The first thing you'll need is extra juice. Yeah, it's pretty easy to tell when you're running low on e-juice, but you may as well buy extra now so you don't have to later. By being proactive with your purchases you can ensure that your experience vaping is as smooth as possible. Additionally, if you buy your juice in larger quantities, you'll usually save lots of money.

The next problem to prepare for is your coil. Buying a few extra coils can keep your vape working for months. It's best to replace your coil every couple weeks, and by having a few spares, you won't have any downtime when one burns out. You don't want to be stuck vaping a bad coil, so stock up and worry about more important things.
You may think with an extra bottle of juice and a few coils, you are set. However, you may want to consider preparing a backup tank or RDA. Yes, these parts are much less likely to malfunction than a coil, but if it happens, you'll be without a vape longer. An accidental drop could be enough to ruin your tank, and with an extra laying around, it'll be no sweat. If you use a tank, also consider buying extra glass in case it cracks from a drop.

An extra set of batteries is the most satisfying purchase you can make. When your vape runs out of charge, you don't have to sit around and wait for it to recharge. Simply swap out your batteries and continue vaping. If you only plan to buy a single backup part for your vape, buy batteries. If you don't already have one, it's a good idea to buy an external battery charger to recharge your batteries that aren't in your device.

Finally, the biggest, and most useful purchase is to get yourself a second mod. Your mod is the core of your vape. When your mod breaks, nothing else works. Because of this, you should consider a backup mod. It doesn't have to be as nice as your current mod, just something to get you by while you wait to repair your better one.

If buying all these separate parts is overwhelming, or you're not ready to spend that much money. You could always get a simple all-in-one vape. There's a wide variety of affordable kits at VIAB.

With all these extra parts, you end up having a second vape. This is perfect if you want to loan it to friends or store it in a different location. When something breaks, you'll grab your second vape and continue vaping. By being proactive, you never have to rush to replace something that broke. You can take your time and know that you don't have to stop vaping for a while.

Don't be like everybody else, be proactive. Buy some extra parts and prepare for what is inevitable. Things are going to break no matter how careful you are. What you can do is prepare for this now so there's no downtime later.

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