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Vape Away Guilt-Free

Have you been counting your calories lately?  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat right in order to maintain a healthy bodyweight and a trim figure.  If you’re trying to watch your weight, you might be wondering how your vaping hobby is affecting your calorie intake.  Surprisingly, e-juice does in fact contain calories.  However, as you’ll see, there’s no reason to panic as vaping is absolutely not going to sabotage your fitness goals. 

How Many Calories are in E-Liquid?

It turns out that the average vape juice flavor contains about four to five calories per milliliter.  Therefore, if you purchase 30ml bottles of e-liquid that you finish in about a week, you’re likely consuming between 120 and 150 calories on a weekly basis.  Similarly, if you vape 2mL of juice each day, you’re taking in somewhere between eight and ten calories from vaping.

So, why does vape juice even have calories in the first place?  Well, the answer has to do with why your e-juice tastes so delicious.  In order to give vape juice a yummy flavor, it has to contain flavoring ingredients that have calories.  Additionally, vegetable glycerin (VG) contributes to the calorie count as it contains sugar.

How Do These Calories Affect Me?

The good news is that these calories really don’t mean anything.  To put things into perspective, a leaf of romaine lettuce contains eight calories.  Now, do you panic when you eat a leaf of romaine?  That’s about the same number of calories as 2mL of e-liquid.  Clearly, it’s not enough to make you gain weight.

Another thing to take into consideration is that when you vape, you’re inhaling the vapor from the e-liquid into your lungs rather than digesting it.  So, it’s not even guaranteed that those calories are affecting your metabolism at all.  Most of them get exhaled out within seconds while it’s possible that some absorb into your lung tissue.

Can Vaping Make Me Gain Weight?

It’s safe to say that vaping won't have any affect on your weight loss goals.  In fact, some people have found that vaping actually helps them.  If you’re a former smoker who has switched to vaping, you’ve likely found that you’re better able to satisfy your cravings for sweets by grabbing dessert and candy flavors that please the sweet tooth.  This can definitely help you avoid giving into temptation when someone puts a box of cookies on the table. 

Additionally, former smokers know that nicotine is a stimulant that slightly suppresses the appetite while gently enhancing the metabolism.  Therefore, if you’re vaping an e-liquid with nicotine, you might find that you don’t need to indulge in snacks nearly as much as others.

Lastly, keep in mind that while e-liquid has calories, the number is so low that you’ll burn them within an hour just by existing. 

Vape Away Guilt-Free!

Although there are calories in your e-juice, you don’t have to worry about your vaping hobby ruining your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

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