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Top 5 Summertime E-Liquids at Vapor In A Bottle

When the weather is warm, and the sun is bright, we start to crave flavors that remind us of the beautiful summer season. At Vapor In A Bottle, you'll find plenty of exquisite summer-inspired e-liquids that perfectly capture the flavors that make us smile all summer long. 

Summertime E-Liquid Flavor #5: Stratosphere

A summery cocktail of fresh fruits that each tantalize the taste buds in their own special way. Crisp dragon fruit, outrageously juicy strawberries and ripe peaches are blended together and drizzled with the perfect amount of silky cream. Each inhale seduces your taste buds with that sweet and tangy strawberry taste. Then, the dragon fruit runs across the tongue, refreshing you like crazy with its smooth and crisp flavor. A blast of fresh peach juice lands on the palate before that dreamy cream satisfies you on the exhale. 

Summertime E-Liquid Flavor #4: Hawaiian POG by Naked 100

One of the most popular e-liquids of all time thanks to its tropical flavor that always quenches the thirst and satisfies the taste buds. Orange, passion fruit and guava juices are blended together to create the ultimate island-inspired treat. As you inhale, the zesty, sharp orange juice floods the palate. Then, the tart passion fruit makes you drool with pleasure. Each exhale delivers that exotic guava taste that's profoundly sweet yet delightfully refreshing. 

Summertime E-Liquid Flavor #3: Tropical Breeze

A mouth-watering blend of exquisitely juicy mangoes, crisp, sweet dragon fruit and the perfect amount of luxurious cream. Your palate will be jumping up and down with joy as this smooth and exhilarating flavor runs across your taste buds. With each inhale, the mango flavor saturates your palate with its tangy and sweet taste. Then, the sweet, crisp dragon fruit flavor makes your whole tongue tingle. As you exhale, that trickle of rich cream soothes you in every way. 

Summertime E-Liquid Flavor #2: Passion Punch by It's Summertime

A truly unique fruity cocktail that has a tropical twist. Tart passion fruit juice is complemented by the tastes of pineapple, lime, guava, apricot and cactus fruit. Each puff quenches the thirst like few vape juices can. Each inhale soaks your taste buds in that tart passion fruit flavor. Then, the sweet guava and zesty lime flavors flow across the palate. On the exhale, a blend of sweet pineapple, cactus fruit and apricot juices leave you feeling totally rejuvenated. 

Summertime E-Liquid Flavor #1: #Lemonade

A pink lemonade flavor that perfectly captures the taste of summer. Juicy berries are blended with freshly squeezed lemonade to eliminate your thirst as soon as you inhale. With every inhale, those tart berries and that zesty lemon taste tease each taste bud as the vapor runs down the tongue. Every exhale provides the sweet tooth with the perfect amount of sugary goodness. 

Grab These Summertime Flavors Today!

By grabbing these vape juice flavors, you'll be able to make the most of the warm summer season while you vape away.
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