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Top 5 Springtime E-Liquids at Vapor In A Bottle

After a long, dark and cold winter, we're finally starting to see the signs that Spring weather is on its way. As the temperature rises and the flowers bloom, our palates yearn for the tastes of the season.

Check out these 5 yummy vape juices that capture the flavors of Spring:

Springtime E-Liquid #5: Sweetwater by Windfall Vapors

A blend of juicy strawberries and soothing cream. With each hit, you'll taste the spring sun that ripened the berries and the exquisite freshness of cream that's straight from the local farm. The inhale gives a curious tang from fresh, ripe strawberries that excite the palate. The strawberry flavor boasts thirst-quenching goodness thanks to its sublime juiciness. As the strawberry flavor becomes sweeter, a smooth trickle of cream runs down the tongue. With each exhale, the cream and strawberry flavors balance each other out magnificently.

Springtime E-Liquid #4: Yummy Gum by Naked 100

This flavor makes us feel like we're kids again thanks to its exquisite strawberry bubblegum flavor. After just one hit, you'll remember what it felt like to walk around chewing sticky bubblegum on a warm spring afternoon. The fresh strawberry flavor captures everything that we love about this beautiful time of year. The inhale squirts tantalizing strawberry juice onto the taste buds. As those tangy and sugary notes swirl around the palate, the familiar taste of chewy, sticky bubblegum crawls across the tongue. On the exhale, the candy-like taste captivates your sweet tooth.

Springtime E-Liquid #3: Circus Cotton Candy by Circus Cookie

If your favorite part of the spring season is that first day at the town carnival, this flavor is the way to go. Every hit provides you with the comforting taste of sugary cotton candy clouds. As you inhale, you'll swear that you're stuffing your face with puffy cotton candy. The sweetness is instantly apparent. As the flavor sits on the tongue, the sugar takes on a caramelized flavor. On the exhale, that comforting taste sticks to the sweet tooth.

Springtime E-Liquid #2: Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series

If you've been waiting all year for the weather to warm up, you deserve to celebrate in style. This vape juice gives you that delicious flavor that you get to enjoy once the warm weather comes around. Every inhale provides the tongue with the irresistible taste of a chocolate sandwich cookie. That smooth and rich taste satisfies your chocolate cravings before the stream of vanilla ice cream flows over the palate. The exhale is creamy and satisfyingly sweet.

Springtime E-Liquid #1: Milk of the Poppy by Vapetasia

This flavor is a take on everyone's favorite seasonal berry, taken to the next level by blending it with crisp dragon fruit and smooth cream. Your thirst will be quenched while the creaminess takes care of your need for something indulgent. Each inhale slathers your taste buds in juicy strawberry flavor. Then, the crisp notes of dragon fruit emerge on the tongue. On the exhale, the fruits become sweeter as luscious cream drips along the tongue.

Grab These 3 Springtime E-Juices Today!
If you live for the tastes of Spring, you can't go wrong with these five stunning flavors at Vapor In A Bottle.


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