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Top 5 2019 Summertime E-Liquids at VIAB

Summertime is now in full swing at, meaning we can spend days and nights outdoors while enjoying the beautiful weather that comes with this celebrated time of year.  For those enthused about the summer season as we are, there’s no better way to enjoy it than by vaping delicious e-liquids that are inspired by the flavors of the summertime. 

If you’re ready to stock up on seasonal delights from VIAB, check out these five summery favorites below.  Each vape juice can capture something that we love about this beautiful time of year.

Summertime E-Liquid #5: Peach Limeade by Citricity

When the weather starts to get really hot, we all start longing for fruity beverages that refresh our senses and quench our thirst.  If you want to enjoy a mouthwatering elixir that’s made with seasonal fruits, look no further than Peach Limeade from Citricity, a deeply rejuvenating treat for your taste buds to enjoy.

On the inhale, you’ll taste the bright, zesty and sharp lime juice that makes your palate quiver.  Then, tangy peach juice floods the taste buds and soaks your tongue.  On the exhale, the perfect amount of sweetness sweeps across the mouth and lands on your sweet tooth.

Summertime E-Liquid #4: Ambrosia by Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero’s Ambrosia is an iconic flavor that’s perfect for the summer season ahead.  This e-liquid combines cool melons with bright citrus for a balance of tastes that your palate will absolutely swoon over.  This e-liquid is beyond refreshing, and the fruitiness tastes as clean as it gets.

When you draw some vapor into your mouth, bold citrus notes shock your tongue with tartness and brightness.  Right away, you’ll be drooling.  Then, when you’re ready to exhale, you’ll get crisp and sweet melons that make you feel revitalized.

Summertime E-Liquid #3: Apple/Watermelon by Burst Duo

Burst Duo’s fruity blends are pretty legendary, and few satisfy our summertime needs quite like Apple/Watermelon.  To call this flavor combination refreshing would be an understatement.  These two fruits work together to exhilarate every single taste bud just like a big glass of freshly squeezed juice.

On the inhale, the smooth, crisp taste of red apples makes your entire palate tingle with pleasure.  Then, the juiciness starts saturating your taste buds.  A wave of cool watermelon juice rushes down your throat before the overall taste becomes pleasantly sweet on the exhale.

Summertime E-Liquid #2: Blue Raspberry Lemonade by Stay Salty

If you’re wild about lemonade, just wait until you try this luscious beverage-inspired treat.  Blue Raspberry Lemonade infuses everyone’s favorite summertime drink with the sour and sugary taste of bold blue raspberries.

Each time you inhale, the tartness of the flavor shocks you in the best way possible.  As that sourness mellows out, zesty lemons tease your palate.  When you’re ready to exhale, a rush of sugar balances out the brightness of the flavor.

Summertime E-Liquid #1: Hawaiian POG by Naked 100

Hawaiian POG is a best-selling e-liquid that is absolutely perfect for the warm weather.  This e-liquid is a tropical cocktail that will refresh you while making you feel like you’re sipping on something in the middle of paradise.  Each fruity component brings something special to the table that your taste buds will enjoy.

As you inhale, the zesty, bright orange taste instantly soothes your thirst.  Then, tart passion fruit makes its presence known, splashing your tongue.  When you exhale, sweet, exotic guava punches you in the palate and leaves you feeling like you’re indulging in something special.

Make the Most of Your Summer by Vaping These Delicious Seasonal Flavors!

These e-juice flavors will allow you to satisfy your cravings all summer long.  Whether you’re planning on going on vacation to a tropical island or spending most of your time on your deck with your best buds, these juices will make you feel like you’re making the most of the warm months ahead.

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