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Top 3 Valentine's Day E-Liquids at VIAB

As you surely know, Valentine’s Day has almost arrived.  Whether you’re planning on taking your sweetheart out on a romantic date or you’re flying solo this year, we strongly suggest that you grab some mouth-watering e-liquids that really capture the feeling of love that’s in the air.  These juices will seduce you with their flavor profiles.

In fact, each holiday-oriented vape flavor makes for an excellent gift as well.  Whether your special someone is still hooked on cigarettes and needs a reason to quit, or they just love romantic e-liquids, grab a juice and show some vaping love.

Valentine’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #3: Vapetasia - Killer Kustard

One of the most seductive flavors on the planet, consisting of rich, creamy vanilla custard and fresh, juicy strawberry slices.  This liquid is sure to get you into the mood with its intoxicating, velvety flavor that you’ll want to hit long after the holiday is over.  At first, a burst of fresh strawberry flavor entices you.  Then, the smooth custard starts to drift over the tongue as the vanilla aroma permeates the air.  The richness of the custard intensifies before the sublime creaminess takes over on the exhale.

Valentine’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #2: Woke Vapor - The Chataman

A creamy, rich horchata flavor that acts as a stunning cocktail to capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  You’ll be in vaping heaven as the custard-like flavor soaks into one taste bud at a time.  It can be shared with that special person in your life.  As you inhale, the vanilla and the warm spices start to swirl around on the tongue.  You’ll be drooling with pleasure as the richness of the horchata starts to take over your palate.  The sweetness becomes more prominent before that creamy, silky texture drips down the taste buds on the exhale.

Valentine’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #1: Hometown Hero - Witch Doctor

One of those flavors that just hits the spot over and over again.  Gloriously rich, smooth and nutty tobacco teams up with creamy, sweet chocolate that melts in the mouth as soon as you inhale.  Since chocolates are the go-to treat on Valentine’s Day, this vape is an absolute must.  The robust, aromatic tobacco intrigues you as soon as you inhale.  Nutty and sweet notes dance on the palate as the chocolate begins to make its way across the tongue.  When you exhale, you’ll feel like you’ve just indulged in something decadent.

Explore Your Romantic Side with These Sensual Vape Juice Flavors!

These vape juices at VIAB will help you make the most of your Valentine’s Day plans, whatever they may be.
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