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Top 3 Halloween E-Juices at VIAB

Now that Halloween is almost upon us, it's time to embrace the flavors of the season. At Vapor In A Bottle, you can grab delicious e-liquids that each remind us of Halloween in their own unique way. Below, you'll find the three very best Halloween-oriented vape juices that you can grab today. 

#3. Candied Sour by Stix

A sweet and sour strawberry flavor that's inspired by those little paper straws of candy dust. If you're upset that you can't go around town asking people for candy anymore, this is the vape juice for you. Just one hit will have your sweet tooth feeling ecstatic. The inhale blasts the tongue with sour strawberry flavor. As the vapor travels across the tongue, the flavor becomes sweeter. On the exhale, that sugary candy taste hangs onto your sweet tooth. 

#2. Snack Time by Windfall Vapors

An autumn-inspired treat that hits the spot with its comforting taste. A juicy, crisp apple is smothered in creamy, savory peanut butter, providing the palate with a mouth-watering balance of flavor notes. With each inhale, the crispness of the apple satisfies you right away as the subtle tartness crawls across the taste buds. Then, the savory notes of the peanut butter emerge. On the exhale, the peanut butter's creaminess lingers as the sweetness of the apple intensifies. 

#1. Maple Pecan by Hometown Hero

This decadent treat consists of seasonal flavors. Sweet maple, buttery pecan and smooth vanilla flavors swirl around on the tongue, evoking your fondest Halloween memories. When you inhale, the slightly savory and buttery taste of toasted pecans glides over the palate. The smooth, warm vanilla flavor develops on the tongue, entrancing each taste bud with creamy goodness. On the exhale, that sweet, sticky maple whacks you in the sweet tooth, leaving you feeling satisfied in every way. 

Grab These Spooky and Yummy Vape Flavors Today

By picking up these e-juices atVapor In A Bottle, and you'll be able to get into the spirit of Halloween in no time.

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