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Top 3 Fruity E-Juices from The Vapor in a Bottle Juice Collection

You really can't go wrong with a delicious fruit-flavored vape juice. Whether you're feeling thirsty and need to be refreshed, or your sweet tooth and palate both need a pick-me-up, a rich and smooth fruity blend is the way to go.

At Vapor In A Bottle, you'll find a stunning collection of fruit-inspired vape juices, such as these very favorite fruity flavors:

Fruity E-Juice #3: Tropical Breeze

This one makes your taste buds feel like they're on vacation whenever you take a puff. Juicy mango and crisp dragon fruit are drowned in smooth, velvety cream. This indulgent flavor satisfies your thirst and overwhelms you with pleasure. Each inhale seduces your taste buds with the exquisite taste of fresh mango juice. As the tang of the mango tickles your tongue, a refreshing breeze of crisp dragon fruit enters the picture. The two fruits become delightfully sweet before silky cream saturates the palate on the exhale.

Fruity E-Juice #2: StrawNana Smoothie

If you crave a creamy, fruity smoothie like nobody's business, StrawNana will make your taste buds jump for joy. The combination of creamy bananas, juicy strawberries and tangy yogurt will satisfy you like crazy. The inhale delivers the exquisite blend of banana and strawberry flavors. Your fruit cravings will be instantly satisfied as the flavors become sweeter and sweeter. With every exhale, your mouth will water as a luxurious stream of rich cream flows over the mouth.

Fruity E-Juice #1: Stratosphere

A titillating blend of ripe strawberries, luscious dragon fruit and decadent cream. Perfect for summertime vaping, this juice hits the spot on hot days. The tang of the strawberry flavor zaps the thirst while the crispness of the dragon fruit leaves you feeling unbelievably refreshed. Each inhale soaks your tongue in tangy and sugary strawberry juice. The strawberry flavor continues to tickle your palate as a rush of dragon fruit slams the tongue. The crispness and sweetness of the dragon fruit continues to intensify before cream drenches the taste buds on the exhale.

These Fruity E-Liquids are the Way to Go!

Fruit vape fanatics will be blown away by any of these e-liquid flavors from Vapor In A Bottle. Each juice tastes just like fresh, perfectly ripe fruits that never fail to satisfy. 

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