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Top 3 Fall E-Juices at Vapor In A Bottle

Who doesn't feel a rush of excitement when that first autumn breeze rustles the leaves? If you really want to celebrate the fall season in style, you've got to get your hands on these three e-liquids from Vapor In A Bottle. Each one has that seasonal taste that brings back our most cherished autumn memories. 

Fall E-Liquid Flavor #3: Apple by Jam Monster

A comforting treat for chilly fall days. Freshly toasted bread is smothered in sticky apple jam and creamy butter. Notes of cinnamon warm the spirit. This e-liquid is like a hug on a crisp autumn morning. Each inhale delivers that sweet apple jam taste. Notes of tartness and crispness from the green apples blend perfectly with the cinnamon and brown sugar. Then, the savory toast emerges. Every exhale satisfies with the sweetness of the jam and the creaminess of the butter. 

Fall E-Liquid Flavor #2: Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series

It has that rich taste that keeps you feeling warm when the weather gets cool. The spicy cinnamon flavor reminds you of your favorite fall-oriented treats. As you inhale, the buttery pastry dough glides over the palate, making you drool with delight. Then, they gooey cinnamon and brown sugar drip down your tongue. On the exhale, creamy vanilla icing leaves you feeling blissful. 

Fall E-Liquid Flavor #1: Snack Time by Windfall Vapors

The perfect snack flavor for the Fall season. A crisp green apple is slathered in sweet and salty peanut butter, satisfying all your cravings at once. When you inhale, the tartness of the green apple flavor and the saltiness of the peanut butter come together to make your mouth water. The apple's sweetness comes through as the richness of the peanut butter intensifies. On the exhale, sweet and savory notes continue to dance on your palate. 

Grab These Autumn Vape Juices Today!

These juices from Vapor In A Bottle will help you make the most of the autumn season ahead.

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