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Top 3 Citrus Flavors at Vapor In A Bottle

A fresh twist of citrus makes everything taste better. At Vapor In A Bottle, you can choose from an enormous variety of citrus-infused vape juice flavors that each deliver that zesty tang that makes the taste buds feel giddy with joy. Below, you'll discover the three very best citrus flavors that Vapor In A Bottle has to offer. 

Citrus Vape Juice Flavor #3. Seduction by VIAB

A complex yet refreshing flavor that combines a variety of thirst-quenching fruits. Juicy raspberries, zesty limes, tart lemons, crisp dragon fruit, juicy strawberries and tangy cactus join forces to soothe you from head to toe. Each inhale satisfies you instantly with a blast of tart citrus flavor. The lemon and lime juices brighten up your entire palate. Then, crisp dragon fruit and tart raspberries flow across the tongue. The tang from the cactus intrigues your senses before glorious strawberries bounce on the taste buds as you exhale. 

Citrus Vape Juice Flavor #2: #Lemonade by VIAB

An intoxicating lemonade flavor that's infused with fresh pink berries. The zesty lemon taste instantly puts a smile on your face while the sweet and tangy berries dance on your palate. You'll feel refreshed beyond words whenever you take a hit. Every inhale douses your tongue in bright, sharp lemon flavor. As you start to drool, tart berries like cranberries and strawberries rush across the palate. When you exhale, the sweetness of this flavor comes through, pleasing your sweet tooth like crazy. 

Citrus Vape Juice Flavor #1: Blackberry Lemonade by Vapetasia

This e-liquid takes everyone's favorite summertime drink and infuses it with freshly picked blackberries. The result is a sweet, zesty, tangy and tart masterpiece for those relentlessly hot days. The inhale soaks your tongue in zesty lemon juice. Then, sweet and tangy blackberries appear on the taste buds. When you exhale, the sugary notes of the lemonade dominate. 

Grab These Citrus Flavors Today!

Each of these citrus flavors hits the spot with that sharp and zesty taste that you crave.

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