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Top 3 Breakfast Flavors at Vapor In A Bottle

Thanks to the world of vaping, we can indulge in the sinful breakfast treats that we love at all hours of the day without feeling any guilt whatsoever. These three breakfast-inspired vape juices will satisfy those cravings like crazy. 

Breakfast Flavor #3: Pancake Man

A glorious stack of fluffy, freshly made pancakes that are smothered in gooey maple syrup, fresh strawberry slices and an outrageous amount of sweet whipped cream. Each puff is like a mouthful of your favorite weekend treat. As you inhale, you'll enjoy that mouth-watering taste of fresh buttermilk pancakes. Slowly, a drizzle of sticky, sugary maple syrup makes its way down your tongue. With each exhale, a blend of juicy strawberries and smooth whipped cream make your taste buds feel euphoric. 

Breakfast Flavor #2. Grape by Jam Monster

A comforting treat that never fails to hit the spot. A generous amount of luscious grape jam is spread onto a piece of freshly toasted bread and drizzled with creamy melted butter. When you inhale, the blast of grape jam flavor slaps you in the palate. The mild tang of the jam makes you salivate. Then, that savory toast taste creeps up on your tongue. With each exhale, the butter soaks into your taste buds as the jam becomes incredibly sweet. 

Breakfast Flavor #1: Super Cereal

A delicious take on those crunchy squares of cinnamon-dusted cereal that have been soaking in creamy milk. A smattering of freshly cut strawberries adds to the deeply satisfying taste of this e-liquid. With every inhale, the yummy cereal taste satisfies your breakfast cravings immediately. A rush of velvety milk drenches every taste bud before that sweet strawberry flavor appears on the exhale. 

Start Your Vape Day Off Right!

If you're wild about breakfast flavors, you owe it to yourself to pick up these awesome vape juice flavors today.

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