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Top 3 2019 St. Patrick's Day E-Liquids at VIAB

It’s that time of year again when we all wear our finest greenery and enjoy everything about Irish culture.  St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most carefree holidays of the year, when many of us find ourselves hopping from bar to bar, indulging in the finest beers that we can get our hands on.  However, don’t neglect your vaping setup once this holiday comes around.  St. Patty’s is the perfect time to embrace your Irish side with exquisite flavors that remind us of this celebrated holiday.

Are you ready to feel as lucky as a leprechaun this weekend?  If so, get your hands on these three mouth-watering treats from Vapor in a Bottle.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #3: Hometown Hero - Wild Buffalo

If you’re looking for a pregame treat with an Irish twist, this e-liquid is an intoxicating dessert/beverage hybrid that takes sugary root beer and tops it off with a generous scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.  After the first puff, you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t an e-liquid that you’re going to put down easily.  At first, the root beer soaks your tongue with its sweet, sticky flavor, simultaneously refreshing you with its bubbles while intoxicating the sweet tooth.  When you exhale, that velvety, rich vanilla ice cream seals the deal, making you feel like you’ve found a pot of gold.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #2: Stunna - Cash Money

What’s more Irish than indulging in a shameless amount of whiskey?  If you’re not up to downing shot glasses of bourbon, simply reach for this e-juice.  Complex, rich aged bourbon is combined with outrageously creamy vanilla custard and sprinkled with an unapologetic dose of brown sugar.  Talk about satisfying.  The whiskey’s smooth yet intriguing taste thrills you on the inhale.  Then, that luxurious custard slowly saturates the entire palate.  On the exhale, the brown sugar makes your sweet tooth squeal with delight.

St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquid Flavor #1: Woke Vapor - The Luckyman

If you’re really trying to embody the spirit of a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day, The Luckyman is where it’s at.  This e-liquid is a perfect replica of that iconic cereal that has marshmallow gems embedded in frosted rings of oaty goodness.  To top it all off, a generous helping of cold milk is added.  The cereal flavor excites your sweet tooth as soon as you inhale.  The sugary, savory oats and the creamy marshmallows tantalize every taste bud.  On the exhale, that milk bathes your palate with its creaminess. 

The Luck of the Irish is on Your Side

Grab a 4-Leaf Clover and your mod and hit these awesome e-juices today.  They’ll certainly help you celebrate St. Patty’s Day in vaping style.

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