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The Effectiveness of Pod-Based TC Vaping

As pod mods become more and more popular, highly respected hardware brands are creating pod-based systems that are loaded with innovative features.  When pod mods first hit the market, they were extremely simple and specially designed for beginners who didn’t want to be bothered with advanced technology.  Now, however, brands are trying to accommodate the needs of experienced vapers.

One of the most exciting innovations in vaping that we’ve seen is the pod system that features temperature control options. So many advanced vapers have used temperature control to create a customized, flawless vaping experience. Now, these same vapers can enjoy this function while using a portable, user-friendly vaping system. 

What is TC Vaping?

TC vaping is considered a more advanced vaping method. Rather than adjusting the wattage level of the device, the user adjusts the temperature. The temperature acts as a gate in terms of how hot the coil can get when a hit is fired.

This method of vaping has become extremely popular among sub-ohm vapers. Because sub-ohm vaping requires a lot of power, it’s very easy for the coils to get too hot, resulting in dry hits and dead coils. TC vaping prevents this from happening by stopping the coil from getting so hot that the vaping experience is essentially ruined.

What Are the Benefits of TC Vaping with a Pod Mod?

Here are some key factors that make it worthwhile:

No More Dry Hits

One of the biggest advantages of TC vaping is the way in which it eliminates dry hits.  While pod mods operate at lower voltages, it’s still not uncommon to experience a random dry hit that ruins a vaping session. This is especially the case if the vaper is using a pod system that utilizes a refillable cartridge. TC vaping puts a cap on how hot the coil inside of the atomizer can get, ensuring that each puff is absolutely heavenly.

A Customized, Controlled Vape

TC vaping allows the vaper to be in charge of their experience. Using the temperature control function guarantees a consistent vape because it determines the exact temperature that the coil can reach per puff. It also allows for a truly modified experience because each temperature setting has a unique effect on the flavor and vapor production.

Smoother Throat Hit

If you love salt nic e-liquid but want a throat hit that’s less harsh, TC vaping is your friend. By setting the temperature, you can tone down the throat hit’s intensity. 

How to Enjoy TC Vaping with a Pod System

First of all, it’s important that you purchase a pod system that’s specially designed for TC vaping. Trying to hack a pod mod that’s not designed for this style of vaping can be dangerous.

Some TC pod mods have a fixed temperature that’s determined by the type of coil as well as the coil’s resistance. If you’re not familiar with the more advanced TC sub-ohm vaping systems, this is probably the way to go.

There are also a handful of TC pod mods on the market that are designed for advanced vapers. They allow you to try out different coils while offering a variety of temperature control settings. 

It’s also important that you understand that not all coil materials are made for TC vaping.  Each type of coil wire has its own temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR). This means that each coil material requires a specific level of power in order to maintain a certain temperature. 

Stay in Total Temp Control

Thanks to advancements in pod technology, vapers can enjoy the benefits of temperature control while using a pocket-friendly vaping device. As pod mods become more and more popular, we expect to see even more TC pod mods on the market.
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