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Taking Your Vape Game to a Salt Level

Have you been considering switching to vape juices that contain salt-based nicotine? This way of vaping is much more than a fleeting trend. Thanks to the development of this type of e-liquid, vape enthusiasts can enjoy higher nicotine levels without the unpleasant harshness that comes from vaping high concentrations of freebase nicotine. 

Before you make the switch, it's important to know that your entire vaping lifestyle will change dramatically. From the device that you use to the type of e-liquid that you purchase; every component of your vaping setup will require an upgrade. Of course, many vapers welcome the change. 

Is Salt-Based Nicotine What You Need?

Nicotine Level

Once upon a time, vape juices were made with freebase nicotine. Created as a more potent form of nicotine to put in tobacco cigarettes, freebase nicotine was never intended for vaping. That's because it becomes extremely harsh when heated to high temperatures. Conventional vaping systems, as you know, heat e-liquid to high temperatures so that the liquid becomes vapor. As a result, those vaping freebase nicotine typically experience throat irritation if their e-liquid's nicotine concentration is too high. 

Now, of course, we've nicotine salts. This e-juice feels extremely smooth going down the throat regardless of its concentration. It allows vape enthusiasts to take in a lot of nicotine at once. Therefore, those who crave lots of nicotine can get that pleasurable buzz with every puff. 

Throat Hit

If you're someone who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes, you probably rely on that punch to the back of the throat in order to feel satisfied when you take a puff. Fortunately, vaping an e-liquid that's made with nicotine salts gives you that throat hit that you crave. 

For one thing, nicotine salts are highly potent. They hit the throat very nicely when you inhale. The throat hit also comes from the propylene glycol (PG) content in juices that contain nicotine salts. This thin, flavorless substance provides a satisfying sensation to the back of the throat when inhaled. 

Vape Clouds

If your number one vaping priority is exhaling the thickest, largest clouds possible, you might be a little disappointed with nicotine salts. While you will still get a decent amount of vapor per puff, it's unlikely that you'll be able to enjoy impressive fog that you get when using a sub-ohm system. 

Vaping Device

If you're going to switch to salt-based e-liquids, you're going to need to grab a new vaping device. Because vape juices that are made with nicotine salts require a completely different formula from vape juices that contain freebase nicotine, the device needs to change as well. 

Nic salt juices are compatible with pod systems. These are small, portable vaping systems that are typically very easy to use and navigate compared to the large sub-ohm devices that we're used to. They utilize pods that act as atomizers. Most pod systems that are on the market have refillable pod cartridges. However, some pod mods are only compatible with pre-filled pod cartridges that are made by the device's manufacturer. 

Many vapers prefer pod mods because they require less maintenance and can fit into a pocket. If you want a more user-friendly device, you'll probably enjoy switching over to this type of vaping setup. 

The Choice For Salts is Yours

Clearly, vaping nicotine salts is a pretty drastic change for anyone who is used to conventional e-liquids that are vaped with a sub-ohm system. However, if you crave lots of nicotine, a strong throat hit and a more user-friendly device, switching to this style is absolutely worth it.

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