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Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Geek Vape Aegis Legend Mod - 200W

Simply put, the GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod 200W is a thing of vaping beauty.  Masterfully constructed, exquisitely designed and highly advanced, this mod is the real deal for sub-ohm vapers who crave a high-wattage experience.  It’s also reliable and loaded with thrilling features that enhance every aspect of vaping.

If you’ve just purchased the Aegis Legend, it’s a good idea to follow this guide before attempting to use it yourself.  We’ve made a thorough step-by-step tutorial so that you can make sure that you’re using it properly.  Also included are all of the unique features that this stunning device has to offer so that you don’t miss on any of its perks.

Step #1: Remove the Aegis Legend Mod 200W from its box.  You’ll see that the mod has a battery door located on the bottom.  Open that door and insert two 18650 batteries into the unit.  Note: Make sure that the batteries are fully charged.

Step #2: Select the tank that you wish to use with the Aegis Legend.  The tank must have a 510-thread connector and must be capable of handling high wattages.  Most standard sub-ohm tanks will do just fine. 

Step #3: Fill the tank with e-liquid, being careful to avoid exceeding the maximum fill line.  Then, select the coil that you wish to use with your setup (must be compatible with the wattage that you choose).  Prime the coil thoroughly before inserting it into your tank.

Step #4: After screwing your tank onto the Legend, turn the unit on using the power button.  At once, the display screen should light up.

Step #5: Use the OLED screen and the navigation buttons to select your settings.  The mod has an output range of 5 watts to 200 watts.  You can also choose temperature control mode if you prefer. 

Final Step: Use the firing button to take your first hit.  Enjoy!

The Legend Aegis Legend Mod 200W is a truly covetable piece of hardware that can make all of your cloud-chasing dreams come true.  This guide will ensure that you get the most vaping enjoyment out of this special mod.
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