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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use the VO Tech - VIA240 - 240W

Few devices have proven to be as reliable and powerful as the VO Tech VIA240 240W. This high-performance vape mod allows you to chase the fluffiest, largest clouds known to man. It's also known for its ability to consistently satisfy thanks to its dependable and highly advanced technology. 

However, if you're new to the world of sub-ohm vaping, you may find this powerful device a bit intimidating. The VIA240 from VO Tech is a dual 18650 battery device that uses the dual 18650 batteries in a series, essentially doubling the voltage output, which means this bad boy hits hard!

That's why we have created this easy guide. By following it, you should be able to use your VO Tech VIA240 240W quickly while enjoying its many benefits. 

The VO Tech VIA240 240W: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1: Remove your VO Tech VIA240 240W from its packaging. Make sure that you don't throw out any of the spare parts that come with this device. They may come in handy later. 

Step #2: Open its battery compartment to insert two 18650 batteries. Make sure that both batteries are fully charged. Once you've inserted the batteries, close the battery compartment. 

Step #3: Into your vape tank, insert a properly primed coil. If you're going to be using this device at a high wattage, make sure that you use a sub-ohm coil. Many vapers use the VO Tech at a high wattage level. 

Step #4: Fill your tank with e-liquid. Note: While doing this, make sure that your juice level doesn't exceed the tank's maximum fill line.

Step #5: Attach your tank to the unit as it has a spring-loaded 510 connection that ensures that your tank is securely attached.

Step #6: Turn the mod on. You should see the OLED screen light up. Now, set your wattage level using the buttons that are on it. This device has a range of 5 watts to 240 watts. You can look at the display screen as you adjust your settings to ensure accuracy. 

Final Step: Press the firing button to take a hit. You should notice a clean flavor and a satisfying amount of vapor. If your e-liquid tastes burnt or you hear any gurgling noises, make sure that your coil is properly primed and that your wattage level is compatible with the coil's resistance level. 

This easy guide guarantees that you'll be able to make the most of your new VO Tech VIA240 240W in no time, because it can be everything you could ever need or want, and then some!

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