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Should That Nic Salt E-Liquid Really Feel the Heat?

Now that pod mods have become so popular, we’re seeing brands delivering pod systems that utilize temperature control features.  But, before you start playing around with different temperatures, it’s important to know how heat interacts with the salt-based nicotine that’s in your e-liquid

TC Vaping with Salt Nic E-Liquid

TC vaping is a vape style that involves setting the maximum temperature that the coil can reach rather than the wattage that fires each hit.  By capping the temperature, you’re preventing your coil from burning out.  Many vapers prefer this style of vaping because it eliminates the risk of those awful dry hits that can absolutely ruin a satisfying vape.  Besides, TC vaping ensures a consistent experience.  By determining the temp at which your coil can reach, you’re guaranteeing that each puff is basically the same as the last.

When it comes to using temperature control with your pod mod, it’s important that you have an idea of how salt-based nicotine differs from freebase nicotine.  It’s also crucial that you recognize the ways in which pod mods differ from sub-ohm setups. 

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are renowned for their ability to deliver a satisfying dose of nicotine without any of the harshness for which freebase nicotine is known.  What many people don’t know is that nicotine salts are combined with benzoic acid, allowing the nicotine to be vaped at a lower temperature while remaining highly effective. 

Because nicotine salts are vaped at a relatively low temperature, a TC pod mod is not going to have the wide range of temperatures that you’re used to when using a sub-ohm system.  However, each temperature increment will deliver a unique vaping experience.

For example, a higher temperature will increase the amount of vapor that you take in.  However, keep in mind that no matter what temperature you vape at with your pod mod and your nic salt e-juice, you won’t get the clouds that we associate with sub-ohm systems because the pod mod is a low-wattage device.

Most users find that the higher the temperature, the stronger the throat hit.  Most pod mod users crave that throat hit, so consider a fairly high temperature if that’s your main priority when vaping.  Just be aware that some users may find the highest temperature setting too harsh.

Pod Mods

Pod systems, as we said, are low-wattage devices.  Therefore, the coils have higher resistance levels.  This limits your choice of coils as most configurations are designed for very high output levels.

How to Determine the Right Temperature for Your Pod Mod

When it comes to choosing the right temperature for your pod mod, it’s really up to you.  Typically, salt nic e-liquid needs to be vaped at somewhere between 15 and 40 watts.  Therefore, your maximum temperature won’t be incredibly high like it is with other types of vaping setups.

You can feel free to play around with a wide array of temperatures before finding the one that brings you the most satisfaction.  Remember that the rule of thumb is that the higher the temperature, the stronger the throat hit and the less prominent certain notes of the flavor.  Also, higher temperatures mean more vapor.

We always suggest that you adjust your temperature gradually.  That’s because each degree has its own unique combination of attributes including fullness of flavor, size of clouds and smoothness of draw.

Become a TC Master While You Enjoy Your Nicotine Salts

As you can see, knowing how to set the temperature of your pod mod system can make or break your salt nic vaping experience.

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