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Nomenon E-Liquid Does Exist Here at VIAB

Are you ready to have a phenomenal vaping experience?  The e-liquids from Nomenon are available at Vapor in a Bottle, and they’re selling like crazy.  Why?  Because these e-liquids truly nail the fruity flavors that we crave the most in a way that most vape juices don’t.  So, if you’re wild about fruity flavors, now is the time to stock up.

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin is a succulent and truly innovative fruit blend that combines exotic jackfruit with zesty mandarin oranges and citrusy cactus.  Trust us – you haven’t had a refreshing vape until you’ve tried this glorious e-juice flavor.  Each puff gives you a burst of brightness before those deeper fruity notes settle into the palate and leave you feeling refreshed from head to toe.

As you take that first inhale, the tartness of the cactus uplifts your spirits while the zesty notes from the mandarin orange soothe you like crazy.  Then, the flavor starts becoming sweet, making your sweet tooth feel giddy with excitement.  When you exhale, that island-fresh jackfruit takes over with its intoxicating taste that’s sweet, tangy and unbelievably crisp.

White Peach Raspberry

White Peach Raspberry is a fruity duo that’s absolutely perfect for the warm summer months ahead.  These two flavors were made for each other, capable of refreshing the senses on a whole new level when enjoyed together.  If you’re wild about sharp, bright and smooth fruity tastes, this is the vape juice to try.

With each inhale, you’ll get that sharp tartness from the freshly picked raspberries.  They quickly become sweet as the vapor hits the back of the throat.  Meanwhile, tangy white peach juice runs across the tongue.  When you exhale, your thirst will be quenched like crazy.


If you’re absolutely wild about the heavenly taste of watermelon, today is your lucky day.  This spectacular vape juice takes summery watermelon chunks and turns them into a sticky and sweet hard candy for your vaping pleasure.  With each puff, you’ll feel refreshed while your sweet tooth gets all of the satisfaction that it yearns for.  Best of all, this e-liquid lets you enjoy that treat without getting sticky sugar all over your hands.

When you draw some vapor into your mouth, you’ll notice the succulent melon taste right off the bat.  Juicy, crisp, sweet and smooth, the clouds roll across the tongue while overwhelming each taste bud with pleasure along the way.  Then, when it’s time to exhale, pure sugar takes over, making you feel ecstatic beyond words.


Nothing is as glorious as sucking on a sugary hard candy, until you get your first cavity, that is.  Luckily, for those who want all of the flavor without any of the dental health issues, there’s Stranomenon, a sweet and tasty strawberry-flavored candy that will delight your taste buds just as much as the real thing.  Whenever you vape this flavor, you’ll find that it puts a smile on your face thanks to its ability to bring back treasured memories.

Each inhale gives you that burst of tangy strawberry juice that makes you feel like you’re walking through a berry orchard.  The flavor gets you drooling instantly thanks to its bold and yummy flavor.  Then, when you exhale, that intense sweetness from the candy takes over, making you feel like you’re being intoxicated by sugar in the best way possible.

Kiwi Passion Fruit

Kiwi Passion Fruit is an astonishingly bold fruity flavor that will keep you feeling nice and rejuvenated during the hot months of summer.  Inspired by the tropical tastes of the most beautiful islands in this world, this vape juice soothes the thirst with tangy, sweet and crisp flavors that never fail to satisfy.

When you draw in some vapor, that tangy kiwi juice drips down your tongue as a blast of tartness arrives from the passion fruit.  The flavors run down your throat to satisfy your thirst while refreshing your senses.  When you exhale, the natural sweetness finally comes through.


Grapenomenon is what happens when you turn a sugary, tangy grape-flavored hard candy into a magically satisfying vape juice.  This e-liquid will instantly bring back your favorite summertime memories of sucking on candies all day long without a care in the world.  The grape flavor tastes just like the real fruit while the sweetness is clean rather than artificial-tasting.

Each inhale blasts your palate with that bright, tangy taste of freshly picked, plump purple grapes.  As the vapor washes over the palate, the natural sweetness of the fruity flavor comes through.  Then, as you exhale, your sweet tooth is slammed with a stunning amount of sugary goodness.


Lemonomenon is one of those intoxicating candy-inspired flavors that hits the spot with its incredible variety of tasty flavor notes.  Fresh lemons are combined with the right amount of sugar to deliver a gloriously balanced blend of sweet and sour flavor notes to the tongue.  This flavor is deeply uplifting thanks to the powerfully zesty taste of citrus.

With each inhale, you’ll enjoy the sharp lemony taste that makes that saliva flow like there’s no tomorrow.  Then, the tartness begins to invade very single taste bud.  When it’s finally time to exhale, that sugar bathes your tongue.


What’s more satisfying than a piece of blueberry hard candy?  Blunomenon is a sweet and tangy berry-infused confection that will leave every taste bud jumping up and down with joy.  Just one puff of this flavor will satisfy those pesky candy cravings just like the real thing.  Are you ready to indulge without any of the guilt?

Each time you inhale, you’ll notice the bright and tangy taste of blueberries that are fresh from the orchard.  Then, slowly, the sweetness starts to take over.  When you exhale, that blast of sugar makes you feel as satisfied as can be.

Awesome Fruity Vape Goodness!

These delectable e-juices will satisfy your cravings like no other juices can.  If you’re crazy about fruity flavors, you won’t be disappointed.  And, if you’re a serious fruit fiend like us, we suggest grabbing all eight!

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