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Newbie Vapers: Steeping Basics

Steeping permits the various components of your e-liquid to blend together. Also, you give time for the volatile alcohols and bottle chemicals to evaporate. The result is an e-juice which has better and even pure flavor, plus tastes and smells better, too.

Now, before you can make the choice to steep, you must be able to determine whether the e-liquid(s) need steeping to even begin with:

  • Determining Factor #1: Steep e-liquids that aren’t premium. You can determine whether a vape juice is premium through price and sometimes their contents.
  • Determining Factor #2: Checking the color of the e-liquid. If it has nicotine and is still clear, then it isn’t steeped. Why? Because nicotine changes color with time.
  • Determining Factor #3: The flavor of the juice should indicate whether to steep or hold off. For instance, fruity vape flavors deteriorate with extended durations of steeping. However, it’s solely on you to choose what e-liquid flavors you want to steep.

Next, as far as methods for steeping are concerned, there are some worthwhile to try. And, as newbie vaper, you’re frequently recommended to use the ‘natural method’. This method is one of the slower methods, as it takes up to two weeks. It requires the vaper to place their bottle(s) of e-liquid in a cool, dry, and dark place; preventing them from getting direct sunlight, as this might interfere with the composition of the e-juice. Each day, make certain that you take the e-liquids and shake them, then uncap for a minute or so. Do this several times a day.

Other than the slow method, there are several speedy methods that are used by vapers at higher experience levels. These methods involve the debut of heat to fasten the oxidation process. You can use a hot bath, rice bath, slow cooker, microwave, computer fan, or the glove compartment of your car. After your e-liquids have been heating for some time, remove the cap to let out the gas. Then replicate this strategy until you get the desired outcome.

Being able to steep your bottles of e-liquid doesn’t have to be laborious. If you make the proper beginning determinations, and then know that the temperatures introduced aren’t too high so that they degrade the e-liquid, you should be good to go.


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