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Welcome to our new website.

Over the past year, we have had trouble with our inventory levels showing correct numbers. It was a constant battle of updating inventory, checking numbers, double checking numbers, etc. 

There came a point where we could no longer serve 100% of our customers with our lighting fast processing time as some products would show as being in stock when they really weren't. Although this was an uncommon occurrence, it happened too often for us to be satisfied.

Promise after promise was made by the software company we were using for our inventory system. It would be fixed for a week, then go back down without any promise as to when it would be fixed again.

We had to make a change. So we did.

Here we are with our new website and inventory system. There should be no more hiccups.

We currently have all of our E-liquid available for you to purchase on our website. We are adding all of our hardware such as coils, mods, and tanks in the coming days.

What does this mean for you, our customer?

This means that we will be able to efficiently track our inventory, which in turn should minimize, or completely erase, any issues where out of stock items are able to be ordered. This means that if it's showing as in stock, it's in stock, and your order will ship out as soon as possible.

What about my store account?

You must create a new account on our new website. Because we moved to a completely different platform, all accounts must be recreated. 

Can I view my older orders from the old website?

Until June 1, 2018, you may view our old site by clicking here. You may log into your old account and view any information that was there before. Be sure you use your old login information if it is different than your new information on our new website. After June 1st the old website will no longer be available. You may contact for any questions about older orders/accounts. We have all information backed up and will keep all information for you to request.

What about any gift cards purchased on the old website?

Any remaining balance from our old website will be transferred to a new gift card on our new website. Gift card codes WILL NOT be the same. Due to this, we are contacting each customer with an outstanding gift card balance by phone. You will receive, as soon as we can get in touch with you, a new gift card code to apply to your account and give you credit equal to what you had before.

What about store credit?

Unfortunately, our new platform (Shopify) does not offer store credit. This was one of the negative things with our new platform. If you have a store credit on our old website given to you for a return, refund or exchange, you will receive an email with a gift card code to apply to your account, equal to the amount of store credit you had. If you were given a store credit as a random gift in the past three months, you will receive an email with a gift card code to apply to your new account. Any customer who was given store credit as a random gift over three months ago will not automatically be given a gift card code as gift card codes must be entered manually. If you would like your gifted store credit back but have not received an email with a new gift card code, please email and we will send you a card equal to the store credit you had on our old website.

Going Forward

We made this change for you. We did it so we can grow our product selection and improve our order processing speed. We did it so you no longer have to worry if something is out of stock.

Not everyone likes change and we understand that, but please understand this change was necessary for us to continue to provide you with the customer service you deserve.

Thank you for being a loyal Vapor in a Bottle customer. You are our backbone and we truly love and appreciate you.

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