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Is That Pod System "The Real McCoy"?

With the enormous popularity of pod-based systems, it was only inevitable that the market would become flooded with counterfeit devices. Sadly, many dishonest manufacturers have decided to create fake versions of popular pod systems in order to make an extra buck. 

These days, it's pretty easy to make a replica pod system. However, it's likely that these fake devices won't function properly as they're not made with the attention to detail that's required in order to create an efficient device. That's why vape enthusiasts must always stay away from counterfeit vaping hardware. 

While many fakes look just like the real thing, there are still some easy ways to spot whether or not a pod system is legitimate. By following this guide, you'll be able to purchase an authentic pod system that performs perfectly. 

Check the Authenticity Code

Because of the high volume of counterfeit vaping products that are out there, legitimate hardware brands have put authenticity codes on their packaging. This allows the vape enthusiast to simply enter the code into the company's website in order to prove that it's the real thing. 

Of course, companies that make fakes have caught on. Don't be surprised to see authenticity codes on the packaging of counterfeit pod systems. The difference is that these codes will not register if you enter them on the real company's website. This is something that you can do before you even make the purchase. 

Get a Good Feel of Its Weight and Construction

Pick up your pod system and hold it in your hand. Does it feel unusually lightweight or heavy? Does the chassis feel flimsy? Do the components match up perfectly? All of these questions should run through your head as you get a feel for your new pod system. If the construction feels poor, that's a good indicator that you're holding a fake. 

If you're using a pod system that a friend of yours also owns, feel free to ask them to let you hold theirs. This allows you to compare the quality of construction between the two devices, making it very easy to figure out whether or not yours is the real deal. 

Only Purchase a Pod System from a Respected Source

When purchasing a pod device, only give your money to a company that's legitimate and respected. Many people choose to shop at a vape shop or purchase the device directly from the company's website. There are also plenty of online distributors that are known for having authentic products. 

Avoid buying a unit from a questionable source. Online marketplace websites like eBay and Amazon are notorious for having loads of counterfeits. 

Look for Errors on Its Packaging

Thoroughly examine the packaging of the pod system that you wish to purchase. Look for any spelling errors or defects on the packaging itself. 

The Tools are There to Identify a Fake

Sadly, more companies are making fake pod systems that look identical to their authentic counterparts. Luckily, these tips will help you avoid purchasing a fake pod unit.

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