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Hometown Hero is Offering Up Some Salt-Based Tropical Vaping Enjoyment

Summer is in full swing, and this beautiful, sunny weather has many of us thinking about how much we’d love to plan a nice, long visit to a tropical island beach.  None of us can resist that yearning for beautiful sunsets, gorgeous palm trees and exotic cocktails that are served in oversized pineapples.  But, of course, not all of us are capable of simply taking off to an island resort whenever we feel like it.

If you wanna enjoy a taste of the islands without having to leave your home, Hometown Hero - Tropical Salted has come to the rescue.  They’ve released two delectable e-liquids that are inspired by the tropical tastes that we associate with the most picturesque island beaches.  And, to make things even more exciting, both of these juices are infused with salt-based nicotine for an added splash of satisfaction.     

Mango Paradise

There’s really nothing quite as enchanting as biting into a mango that’s so juicy, its succulent, sticky nectar starts running down your chin.  When you vape Mango Paradise, you’ll close your eyes and swear that you’re indulging in something that was freshly picked from a mango tree far, far away.  This e-juice quenches the thirst on a level you didn’t think was possible. When you inhale, that bright, sharp tang makes its way across your palate, titillating your senses and refreshing you beyond belief.  Then, when you exhale, you’ll get that exquisite sweetness that hits the spot.

Miami Vice

Looking for a tropical cocktail to soothe your thirst and refresh your spirits?  Miami Vice is a deeply intoxicating mix between a strawberry daiquiri and a Pina colada.  This vape juice tastes just as good as anything that you’d be sipping through a straw while lounging on a glorious, sunny beach. With each inhale, that bright pineapple taste tantalizes you with its sharpness.  Then, a rush of smooth strawberry flavor runs over the tongue.  The sweetness starts to become intense before velvety coconut cream bathes every single taste bud, leaving you feeling like you’re treating yourself to something luxurious.

Pure Hometown Hero Nic Salt Paradise

Rather than wishing that you could plan an island vacation this summer, simply pick up these two exotics vape juice flavors from Hometown Hero - Tropical Salted and satisfy your urges by hitting your mod.  We’re certain that both of these e-liquids will make you feel like you’ve just landed in paradise.

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