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Heisenberg E-Liquid Overview - Innevape Vape Juice

Heisenberg E-Liquid

Heisenberg E-Liquid (Sometimes called “The Berg”), crafted by Innevape, is one of the e-liquids that has, time and time again, shown up on store shelves and on websites around the world for sale. We are not sure how long Heisenberg has been on the market, some sources suggest as early as 2013, but we do know it’s been here for a long time. Considering the fact that Heisenberg has been on shelves for so long, yet still a relevant e-liquid, there has to be something special about it. We’ll explore what makes it so special and why it’s a hit with almost everyone who vapes it.

Heisenberg Vape Juice 2014-2020

Heisenberg E-Liquid is likely (let’s face it, definitely) named after the character from the hit TV show Breaking Bad, Walter White. If you have not seen the show, Walter White creates highly potent methamphetamine, and it is colored blue. According to the plot of the show, the blue color means it is very pure. His drugs became extremely popular and everyone knew it was the best stuff because of the blue color. Heisenberg, the vape juice, is also colored blue.

The blue coloring is just a creative way to present the e-liquid. The blue coloring has no impact on the flavor, nor does it make the vape clouds blue when you vape Heisenberg, however, it does look pretty cool and certainly stands out from the other hundreds of versions of this type of flavor, especially when sitting next to one on the shelf.

What does Heisenberg Vape Juice taste like?

Heisenberg is a blue raspberry slushie. There is an abundance of blue raspberry slushie flavored vapes on the market. Almost every brand has their very own version of a blue raspberry slushie. In fact, I can name at least 20 off the top of my head, and I don’t even have to think hard. I bet I could come up with closer to 50 if I spent a few minutes thinking about it.

The point is, there are a lot of these types of flavors out there, so what makes Heisenberg different? To be honest, what makes it different is hard to put into words. The stylish packaging and blue coloring does make Heisenberg stand out (I cannot think of any other blue raspberry that is actually colored blue), but other than that, there isn’t TOO much different about it.

Heisenberg being similar to other blue raspberry slushie vapes is not necessarily a bad thing, however. Many experienced vapers, and ESPECIALLY those who mix their own e-liquid will tell you, e-liquids with similar flavor profiles and similar tastes are surprisingly different in very small ways, which will cause one person to really enjoy something that someone else may not be able to tell much of a difference between. One very small difference in flavor may not make a huge difference to you, but it could be the deciding factor between the flavor being someone’s favorite all-day vape, and just another vape juice. After all, a blue raspberry slushie can only be a blue raspberry slushie.

With my eyes closed, I can definitely tell the difference between vaping Heisenberg and many of the other blue raspberry slushies. Because it’s so hard to describe what exactly is different about it, it’s one of those things that you’ll need to try for yourself, so you can see first hand how it stands out from the rest.

Throat Hit

Heisenberg certainly has a good throat hit. In the current vape scene, with many companies making their e-liquid with a low throat hit nicotine salts (yes, even at lower milligram levels, salts are still used), it’s nice to have that old fashioned throat hit. Heisenberg certainly has that!

By throat hit, I don’t mean peppery, oxidized nicotine. I mean that when you take a hit, you do feel it hit the back of your throat. I have heard it takes some people a few hits to get used to it, but after a few hits, most people will actually love the throat hit. The only reason I point this out is that you may want to take a few smaller hits before really digging in when you try your first bottle, just so your throat has a little bit of time to adjust to a heavier hit.

Menthol or non menthol?

One of the things I and many others have mentioned having a problem with when it comes to blue raspberry slushie vapes is that it’s sometimes not clear by the packaging whether or not the flavor has menthol in it. In real life blue raspberry slushies, like the kind you’d pick up at a gas station, are cold because they are frozen. Some e-liquid manufacturers try to mimic this coolness by adding menthol to their blue raspberries. Some people only vape menthol, and some hate it. Personally, I generally prefer my vapes without menthol but do enjoy a cool blast from time to time.

One of the great things about Heisenberg by Innevape is that they are perfectly clear about whether or not you’re getting menthol or not. They actually have two versions of Heisenberg, one called Heisenberg and one called Heisenberg Menthol. That way, there are no surprises about whether or not you’ve just purchased an arctic blast blue raspberry or a plain blue raspberry.

Regular nicotine or salt nicotine?

With the rise of smaller, pod-style vapes, many vapers have had trouble finding a good flavor to vape in high nicotine level salts. Heisenberg and Heisenberg Menthol actually come in not only the regular nicotine levels (0mg, 3mg, and 6mg) but high-level salt nicotine as well (24mg and 50mg). This means that no matter if you use a sub-ohm tank, an RDA or a pod system, you’ll be able to enjoy Heisenberg.

In conclusion, Heisenberg E-Liquid is a great flavor to vape. It’s one of the better blue raspberry slushie flavors out there. Blue raspberry slushies are not even what I typically vape, but for the past three years, I’ve purchased a bottle of Heisenberg every three or four months and truly enjoyed every drop of it. The 75ml bottle looks big, and really, it is big, but it’s usually empty pretty quick once I get my hands on it. For a flavor to stay relevant this long, it's clear there has to be something great about it!

We have Heisenberg and Heisenberg Menthol in regular and salt nicotine available here at Vapor in a Bottle. 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 24mg, and 50mg are all here, and we generally do pretty good with keeping it in stock.

If blue raspberry slushies don’t pique your interest, we also have another Innevape flavor in stock called Carousel. Carousel is a really nice cotton candy with a unique fruity twist that you just might enjoy too.

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