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Get Ready To Jam with This Vaping Monster Collection

Who doesn't love sweet and sticky jam? If you're a vaper, you can get your jam on all day long with the exquisite vape juice flavors from Jam Monster. When you purchase an e-liquid from this line, you get to treat yourself to a jam flavor that hits the spot just like the real thing.


Takes a piece of buttered toast and smears it with gooey grape jam. This sweet and savory masterpiece has a homemade taste that will make you feel like mom has just prepared your very favorite snack.  The inhale gives you that burst of tang for which grapes are known. Quickly, the sugary nature of the jam takes over. On the exhale, savory bread and creamy butter roll across the tongue. 


Who can resist a piece of toast that's smothered in freshly made blueberry jam and rich melted butter? This e-juice has that comforting taste that brings back memories of being a kid. The blueberry flavor is outstandingly fresh. The sweetness level is just right. Every inhale teases you with the slight tartness of ripe blueberries. Slowly, the sweetness of the jam takes over your palate. Then, the savory toasted bread flavor creeps up on the tongue. When you exhale, melted butter drips down your taste buds. 


Taking fresh, succulent strawberries and turning them into a gloriously sticky jam. Then, that jam is smeared all over a piece of freshly buttered toast. No strawberry fanatic will be able to resist this sweet and tangy flavor. Each inhale gives you a fresh burst of tangy strawberry goodness. As the sugary jam notes starts to emerge, the tasty buttered toast wafts across the palate. Every exhale is sweet, creamy and delicious. 


A yummy apple jam that's spread on a piece of toast that's dripping with butter. Every hit soothes the soul and makes each taste bud screech with joy. If you love apple flavors, this e-liquid is for you. The inhale hits the spot with a blend of caramelized apples and cinnamon. Savory notes from the toast develop on the tongue as that creamy butter starts to drip down the palate. Every exhale is delightfully sweet. 

Grab These Jam Monster Flavors Today!

Jam Monster's e-juices allow you to slather your tongue in sticky, sugary jam for hours on end without rotting your teeth. Each juice is high in quality and ridiculously tasty.
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