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Dripping Like a Pro 101

If you follow vaping forums or spend a good amount of time at the local vape shop, you likely hear people talk about dripping from time to time.  This vape style has become extremely popular over the years as it allows the vaper to experience what they believe to be a far more satisfying session.  While dripping can be a bit tedious, many find that it’s very much worth it.

For those interested in changing up the way you vape, you might want to give dripping a try.  We’re going to walk you through the process of dripping while explaining what makes it such a unique vaping style.  By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be a dripping pro.

Dripping: What is it?

Traditional vaping involves using a box mod and a standard vape tank that uses a sub-ohm coil.  The e-liquid is poured into the tank and keeps the coil properly saturated so that when it’s time to take a hit, a good amount of vapor is created.

Dripping is a little bit different.  This style involves using an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) that’s screwed onto your mod.  Instead of filling a tank with vape juice and allowing the coil to rest in the middle, you pour a little bit of vape juice directly onto the coil of the RDA.

It can also be quite a rewarding experience, but it must be stated that it can be a little time-consuming as the user must keep pouring vape juice onto the coil after every one or two hits. 

Why Many Vapers Prefer Dripping

Dripping is so popular because it seems to enhance the aspects of vaping that users love.  Dripping concentrates each hit so that the user gets a much bigger, thicker cloud and a much bolder, more intense flavor.  If vaping is all about taste and cloud size for you, dripping will probably satisfy your needs perfectly.

How to Drip Like a Pro

Dripping is actually a very easy process.  First, you remove the drip tip from your RDA.  This exposes the coil that’s sitting in the middle.  Next, you pour about four of five drops of e-liquid right into the coil.  Then, you place the drip tip back onto the RDA, fire the device and take a nice, big hit.  You should notice right away that the flavor is stronger and that you take in way more vapor.  You can only take about one or two hits before it’s time to repeat the process all over again.

Dripping Mistakes to Avoid

  • One of the biggest mistakes that drippers make is flooding their coil in an effort to get more hits in. Pouring too much e-liquid onto the coil will only cause the coil to not work properly, ruining your vape.
  • Another common mistake is trying to take way too many hits after pouring e-liquid onto the coil. Inevitably, you’ll end up getting dry hits after the first couple of pulls, meaning that you’ll be dealing with a burnt flavor and a harsh sensation along the throat.  Besides, too many dry hits will kill your coil, causing you to have to get a new one.
  • And, of course, don’t forget to put your drip tip back on before taking a hit. Otherwise, you’ll end up burning your lips.

Drip to Your Heart’s Content!

When done correctly, dripping can enhance your vaping experience in a variety of ways.
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