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Cloud Chasing with the Propaganda - The Hype Collection

Sadly, so often, sub-ohm vapers have to decide whether they want to enjoy big, beautiful clouds or a bold, rich flavor.  Few e-liquid companies have taken the time to formulate e-juices that give vapers the best of both worlds.  But, thanks to Propaganda, those days are over.  Their Hype Collection consists of absolutely exquisite, mouthwatering vape juices that provide you with the fluffiest clouds you’ve ever seen while ensuring that each hit smacks you in the palate with an intense, satisfying taste.

Propaganda - The Hype Collection was masterfully formulated by vape enthusiasts like you who were tired of not getting the full experience.  The ingredients were carefully selected to produce the thickest vapor possible, while each flavoring agent was handpicked for quality, intensity and authenticity.  Few e-liquid companies have put so much effort into crafting vape juices that truly deliver in every sense of the word.

The result, of course, is a line of flavors that satisfy sub-ohm vapers’ needs on a profound level.  Each of the six flavors is bursting with freshness and is fully capable of making your taste buds feel completely satiated.

The Hype Collection from Propaganda was designed for sub-ohm vaping systems.  These e-liquids have the ability to handle the most powerful mods that you have.  They’re compatible with both sub-ohm tanks and RDAs, and they’ll work with whichever coils you choose beautifully. 

So, what are you waiting for?  If you’re a heavy cloud chaser who wants to enjoy a sublime taste each time you inhale, the Hype Collection from Propaganda is for you.  The only problem that you’ll run into is choosing which exquisite flavor to enjoy first.

Propaganda’s The Hype Collection

  • Pink and Blue: Remember going to the carnival and downing a massive piece of cotton candy without feeling any inkling of shame? While those days may be over, your taste buds won’t know the difference when you indulge in this delectable cotton candy treat that’s got that same sugary taste that you know and love.


  • Strawberries A La Mode: This fresh take on a classic duo consists of freshly picked, tangy and sweet strawberries that have been lovingly plopped on top of a massive pillow of the fluffiest, most velvety whipped cream that you’ve ever laid your eyes on.


  • Blue Frost: Sweet and sour blue raspberries are blended with a generous scoop of pure ice in order to become the slushy drink flavor that your palate has been begging you for ever since the old days. This is the ultimate ADV for the warm summer months, and your taste buds will thank you.


  • Cool Blue Frost: This e-liquid takes Blue Frost and blends it with the perfect amount of menthol to cool you down like crazy.


  • America: Lime, blue raspberry and cherry sorbets are turned into a striped ice pop that’s got a patriotic edge. The freshness of this flavor will leave you feeling invigorated.


  • Sour Apple: Want to enjoy a candy treat without any of the guilt? Sour Apple douses your tongue in tart and sweet apple-flavored dust that will make you drool like you’ve never drooled before.

Create Some Massive Fog with This Collection Today!

The Hype Collection by Propaganda is the ultimate dream for cloud lovers who hate sacrificing flavor.  Each flavor is absolutely outstanding, and the formulas ensure that you’ll get those huge puffs of vapor that you desire.  May all of your sub-ohm dreams come true.

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