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Check Out the Wide Array of Flavors from Keep It 100!

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the fact that Keep It 100 produces some of the most sought-after, exceptionally satisfying e-liquids on the planet.  Whether they’re making fruity tropical elixirs or succulent desserts, there’s really nothing that they can’t do.  And, at Vapor in a Bottle, we’re pleased to offer their legendary line of intoxicating flavors.

Tropical Blast

If you’re in the mood for a little taste of paradise, boy have we got an e-liquid for you.  Tropical Blast combines all of the most satisfying tropical fruits that you can find.  The star of this vape juice is succulent guava, and it’s blended to perfection with a variety of exotic juices.  When you take that inhale, you’ll get the mouthwatering sweetness from the glorious guava nectar.  Instantly, you’ll be transported to a stunning beach on a gorgeous island.  Then, flavors like mango, pineapple and papaya take turns soothing your thirst.  On the exhale, you’ll feel unbelievably refreshed.

Kiberry Killa

Kiberry Killa is one of the top-selling vape juices of all time, and for good reason.  Remember that iconic bottled beverage that contained a deeply satisfying juice made from fresh strawberries and tropical kiwis?  Well, this e-liquid nails that taste perfectly, allowing us to satisfy our thirst whenever we hit our mods.  When you take in that vapor, you’ll get the bright, tangy taste of freshly picked strawberries that are fresh off of the vine.  Then, the magnificent mango juice adds an exotic element that makes you drool.  On the exhale, the perfect amount of sweet sugar takes over.

Peachy Punch

Fruit punch never fails to satisfy our thirst like crazy, but not all of us are eager to run out to the store and cut up a whole bunch of juicy fruits.  Thankfully, there’s Peachy Punch, a fruity powerhouse that’s capable of hitting the spot just like the real thing.  This e-liquid consists of a trifecta of delectable fruity flavors that sing together in beautiful harmony. When you draw in some vapor, you’ll get the bright, sharp and tangy taste of ripe Georgia peaches.  As the juice makes its way down your throat, a blast of tropical mango flavor rushes in.  Then, as you exhale, crisp red apples balance things out with their smoothness and perfect amount of sweetness.

Pink Burst

Who doesn’t dream of taffy on a regular basis?  Pink Burst is a delectable homage to those classic pink squares of chewy goodness.  Each hit satisfies your candy cravings with the perfect amount of sugar while providing you with the mouthwatering taste of bright, tangy strawberries.  Talk about a sweet tooth pleaser!  When that vapor first touches the tongue, the sharpness from the berries makes you drool like you’ve never drooled before.  Slowly, nostalgia starts seeping in as memories start flooding your mind.  When you exhale, you’ll enjoy that syrupy taste that makes every taste bud jump up and down with joy.

Blue Slushie Lemonade

Blue Slushie Lemonade is the flavor mashup that your palate has been waiting for.  The classic taste of a blue raspberry slushy drink is combined with the zestiest lemonade on the planet, resulting in an elixir that will obliterate your thirst after just one puff.  When you take in the vapor, the intense sourness of the blue raspberries makes your mouth pucker before the sharp citrus makes its way across your mouth.  When you exhale, the sweetness dominates.

Blue Slushie Tropical

Looking for a beverage vape that satisfies your thirst as well as your craving for tropical flavors?  If so, look no further than Blue Slushie Tropical, a mouthwatering combination of tart berries and succulent tropical fruits.  This e-liquid punches you in the palate with bold fruity flavor before making you feel rejuvenated from head to toe.  Each inhale provides you with the bright berry taste that your taste buds yearn for on a regular basis.  Then, a parade of exotic fruits allows you to be transported to paradise.  On the exhale, the perfect amount of sugar enters the picture.

Blue Slushie

Blue Slushie is a vape juice that’s inspired by one of the most iconic summertime drinks of all time.  Sour blue raspberries are blended with sugar and turned into a satisfying slushy beverage that never fails to hit the spot.  As you take that inhale, the tartness blows away your palate.  You’ll be drooling while the fruity taste refreshes you.  Then, on the exhale, the syrupy sweetness takes over.

Blue Slushie Iced

Blue Slushie Iced is the flavor that your thirsty taste buds have been waiting for.  Inspired by the iconic slushed drink, this e-liquid combines sour and sweet blue raspberries with an intense amount of ice for a vape that refreshes every fiber of your being.  On the inhale, the tartness explodes on the palate before dissipating to allow the fresh berry taste to come through.  A nice amount of sugar washes over the tongue before that deeply cold menthol chills you on the exhale.

Krunchy Squares

So many of us long for the days when we could spend hours watching morning cartoons while indulging in bowlful after bowlful of tasty cereal.  Well, thanks to Keep it 100, we can relive those cherished memories with Krunchy Squares.  This vape juice is a spot-on replica of those cinnamon-coated squares of toast-flavored cereal, and, to make things even more satisfying, they’ve paired that classic treat with the coldest and creamiest milk on the planet.  As soon as you take in some vapor, you’ll get the mouthwatering taste of that beloved cereal flavor.  The cinnamon, sugar and butter swirl around the palate, making you salivate.  Then, when you exhale, the glorious creaminess comes through.

Birthday Shake

If you’re in the mood for a sinfully decadent dessert, you’ve come to the right place.  Birthday Shake is the mind-blowingly rich and creamy treat that your palate has been waiting for.  A fluffy, moist birthday cake is blended with rich vanilla ice cream for a treat that’s so good you’ll be crying tears of joy after every puff.  The cake flavor washes over your palate with notes of vanilla and butter all on that initial inhale.  Then, the flavor gets smoother as you swear that a milkshake is bathing every taste bud.  On the exhale, the creaminess lingers, leaving you feeling absolutely euphoric.

VIAB will Keep It 100 For You!

At Vapor in a Bottle, you can satisfy your vaping needs with the mouthwatering vape juices from Keep It 100.  With so many e-liquids to choose from, we’re certain that you’ll find your new ADV as you browse through their selection.  Simply put, no one understands flavor quite like these guys.

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