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Boba is Bringing Vapers Some Relaxing Vaping Goodness

If you were missing the delectable, exotic e-liquids from Boba, you’re in for a treat.  Boba is back, and this time, they’re not messing around.  This celebrated brand has given us the ability to treat our taste buds to three delicious bubble tea e-liquid flavors just in time for the summer season.  That means that once again, you can indulge to your heart’s content in milky, aromatic vape juices that arouse your senses, refresh your spirits and overwhelm your taste buds with pleasure. This truly unique line is brought to you by the same awesome creators of the popular D Squared and Crushing, the Las Vegas based Horizon Vape.

So, what exactly is Boba, and what makes it so special?  If you haven’t hung out in any Taiwanese cafes recently, we’re here to help you understand where the inspiration for these e-jucies comes from.  Boba is the name of a starchy ball made from tapioca powder.  Doesn’t sound too appetizing on its own, does it?  Well, when you add those little starch balls to a big glass of milky, fruity tea, you get something magical that’s known as “bubble tea.”  Across Asia, people have been indulging in bubble tea for years, and it’s only recently become popular here in the United States.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the delicious bubble tea flavors that Boba has to offer once again!

Dewwy Boba

If you want to indulge in some tasty, refreshing melons in a whole new way, Dewwy Boba is what you need.  This magically rejuvenating and satisfying e-liquid takes iced black tea and blends it with creamy milk before infusing it with the fresh juice of delectable honeydew.  Talk about a tasty summertime elixir!

When you inhale this delicious flavor, you’ll get the fragrant black tea notes right off the bat.  They’re slightly bitter and earthy, which totally complements the rush of melon flavor that quickly passes through the taste buds.  Fruity crispness intrigues you while the taste becomes sweeter and sweeter.  Then, as you exhale, the indulgent creaminess of the milk dominates.

Jazzy Boba

Jazzy Boba is an intoxicatingly aromatic bubble tea flavor for those of you who want to vape something that’s a little bit out of the box.  Black tea, smooth milk and fragrant jasmine join forces to refresh your thirst while intriguing your senses.  You’ll be surprised by just how addictively delicious this flavor is.

As you draw some vapor into your mouth, the robust black tea rushes over the tongue with its earthy and slightly bitter taste.  You’ll be drooling with pleasure as the clouds quench your thirst.  Then, the floral jasmine adds something exotic to the experience.  When you exhale, the milk and sugar turn this drink into something luxurious.

Manggo Boba

Manggo Bubba is a creamy tropical delight that’s hard to resist.  This bubble tea is infused with the fresh juice of exquisite mangoes so that each hit quenches your thirst like nothing else can.

As you inhale, you’ll get that bright, tangy mango taste before the black tea balances out the sharpness.  The fruit becomes sweeter as a stream of milk soothes you on the exhale.

Great ADVs

Boba’s tasty flavors have returned at last, and, with summer right around the corner, we suggest you stock up now.  Before long, you’ll be indulging in refreshing bubble tea all day long.  It really doesn’t get any better than that!

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