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Best VIAB Freebase E-Juices to Use with the SMOK Mag Grip Kit 100W

The SMOK Mag Grip Kit 100W is one of the top-selling vaping systems of all time thanks to its ergonomic design, its phenomenal power and its reliable technology.  Equipped with the TFV8 Baby V2 Sub-Ohm Tank, this setpu is a powerhouse in terms of its ability to deliver sublime flavor and stunningly dense clouds.

But, as you know, your vaping session is only as good as the e-liquids that you’re using.  With this kit, some e-liquids are more capable of satisfying your needs than others.  Luckily, we at VIAB have taken the hard work out of selecting your next ADV’s to use with this kit by trying them all.  And, as a result, we have four exceptional juices that'll take your Mag 100W experience to a whole new level.

#4: Crazy Cassie from the Just Juice Line

Crazy Cassie is tastes and vapes absolutely phenomenal when used with the Mag Grip.  The blend of blueberry, pomegranate and vanilla flavors can be a bit muddy if you’re using a subpar vaping system, but this particular vaping kit helps bring out the nuances while ensuring that each flavor component is bold and distinctive.  The result is a vape that gives you sharp, tart berries on the inhale, followed by a wave of warm, creamy vanilla, and then, finally, a nice amount of sugary sweetness. The 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base is ideal for the 100 watts that this kit can achieve.  The ratio ensures that 100 watts brings out the smoothest, fluffiest clouds without taking away from the flavor.  And, you’ll still get a nice throat hit on the inhale thanks to the PG content.

#3: Woke Vapor - The Caraman

Another excellent choice is Woke Vapor – The Caraman.  When we vaped this e-liquid with the SMOK Mag Grip, we couldn’t believe the boldness and richness that were taking over our palates.  Something about this vaping setup brings out those coffee notes to such an intense level that you swear you’re guzzling down a freshly brewed cup of joe whenever you take a hit.  And, that caramel isn’t overpowering, but, rather, balances out the bitterness of the coffee with the perfect amount of sweetness. This is another e-liquid with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.  You’ll get the full, fluffy clouds that you crave from a sub-ohm vape, and the flavor won’t weaken because of the high output level.

#2: W.T.F. (Wow, That’s Fantastic!) from the New Age Line

If you’re a breakfast enthusiast who is in the mood for a stellar vape, W.T.F. is what you want.  Buttery pancakes are topped with gooey syrup, rich butter, sweet strawberries and brown sugar.  And, when this e-liquid is vaped using the Mag Grip, each flavor component tastes distinctive and oh-so-bold.  The 80/20 VG/PG ratio helps maximize that cloud production, which is what many sub-ohm users want.  And, the flavor never gets dull because the coil that comes with this kit continues to perform at its highest level long after its first use.

#1: Seduction from the VIAB Brand Juice Line

Just in time for the summer months, Seduction has arrived to help you enjoy your Mag Grip in a whole new way.  Dragon fruit, strawberry and cactus work together to quench your thirst, and, when you vape it with this kit, you’ll get each flavor component tasting so clean and smooth that your palate will cry tears of joy.  This e-liquid has an 80/20 VG/PG base, ensuring that the flavor is nice and bold while the clouds don’t disappoint

The Perfect Duo!

Every experienced vaper knows that selecting the right vaping setup is only half the battle.  Using high-quality e-liquids that are compatible with the technology you’re using is crucial if you want to enjoy a truly spectacular vaping experience.

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