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Best Salt-Based E-Liquids to Enjoy the Uwell Caliburn Pod System During Each Vape Session

If you’ve recently picked up the Caliburn Pod System from Uwell, you’re probably dying to try it with the best e-juices that are out there.  This unique all-in-one pod kit is renowned for its unique ability to take the flavor of any juice and make it spectacular.  So, it’s important that you choose your flavors wisely to get the most out of your vaping experience.

As you know, the Caliburn Pod System is, well, a pod system, meaning that it’s designed to work with vape juices that contain salt-based nicotine.  Luckily for you, we at Vapor in a Bottle offer a massive collection of salty e-liquids that will take your pod-vaping experience to a brand-new level.  But, if you’re looking for the best of the best, this article is for you.

Below, you’ll find three e-liquids that are perfect for anyone using the Uwell Caliburn Pod System.  These e-liquids have been tested with this revolutionary pod kit, and our expert tasters agree that the results are nothing short of magical.  These e-liquids contain the right blend of ingredients that are perfectly compatible with the Caliburn Pod System.  So, now, it’s time to stock up and enjoy flavorful vapes like you’ve never had before.

(BEST SELLER) EDITOR'S PICK: VPN E-Liquid - All Day Salts - Fitzcelli

Fitzcelli Salt Nic

The number 1 salt nicotine e-liquid on the market right now is made by VPN E-Liquid. Fitzcelli is a mixture of blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries and the ever-so-popular cactus. People love this e-liquid, so if you are looking to try something that almost everyone tries and loves, give Fitzcelli a try. It's the PERFECT e-liquid for the Caliburn and comes in a variety of different nicotine levels.


Flavor #3: Pod Clouds Salts - Grape

Pop Clouds Salt has given us the most authentic-tasting grape-flavored e-liquid on the planet in the form of Grape, a magnificent vape juice with a stunningly fresh and clean flavor profile.  This e-liquid tastes exceptionally good in the Caliburn Pod System as this system’s unique output levels enhance the natural taste of everyone’s favorite fruit.  The inhale gives you that bright tang that makes the mouth water, while the exhale hits the spot with the perfect amount of natural sweetness.  Prepare to feel refreshed and satisfied.

Flavor #2: Stay Salty - Straw Melon Twist

Looking for a fruity blend to get you through the hot summer months ahead?  Straw Melon Twist from Stay Salty and the Caliburn Pod System from Uwell are a match made in vaping heaven.  This e-liquid gives you a glorious symphony of fresh strawberry, creamy cantaloupe, smooth honeydew and sweet watermelon juices.  And, when you vape this flavor with the Caliburn, you’ll get intense, bold flavor that makes you swear that real fruit juice is running down your tongue.

Flavor #1: VPN E-Liquid - All Day Salts - I'm Chad

I’m Chad is the ultimate fruity flavor to vape when using the Caliburn.  This e-liquid contains a massive variety of fruit juices, and thanks to the unique capabilities of this pod system, you’ll be able to taste each one clearly.  Using the Caliburn ensures that each fruity component is bold, fresh and deeply satisfying.

Make the Most Out of Your Caliburn Pod System from Uwell

Each flavor tastes truly delectable when you take a hit off of this impressively advanced pod kit.  So, if you’re a flavor chaser, it’s time to grab all three!

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