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Be Proud to Have Mr. Vape USA by Your Side

When you vape the refreshing, magnificent e-liquids from Mr. Vape USA, you get to show off your pride for your country simply by taking a pull off of your mod.  These juices are the real deal, boasting excellent-quality ingredients that result in stunning flavorful profiles that are absolutely impossible to resist. 

Ready to check out the collection?  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drooling.

Pursuit of Happiness

Looking for a quick, easy and guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth?  Look no further than Pursuit of Happiness, an exquisitely juicy, chewy berry-flavored taffy candy that will have you smacking your lips as soon as you take that mouthpiece away.  This particular candy is infused with the succulent juices of tart pomegranates and plump blueberries, resulting in intense satisfaction whenever you take a puff.

As you inhale, you’ll notice the sharpness of the pomegranate flavor that runs down your tongue like freshly squeezed juice.  Then, blueberries appear with their delectable sweetness and fruitiness.  When you exhale, that blast of sugar from the taffy takes over, making you feel euphoric.


Liberty is the dessert that you crave whenever you have a barbecue with your friends and family.  A fluffy, moist shortcake is topped with fresh strawberry slices, fluffy whipped cream and gooey, sticky caramel.  Each puff is like biting into a decadent dessert, only without all of those pesky calories.

When you draw some vapor into your mouth, you’ll get that buttery, vanilla-infused cake that’s sweet and slightly savory.  The flavor melts on your palate as the luscious strawberries start squirting their tangy juices all over your drooling mouth.  Then, that rich, velvety whipped cream rushes across the tongue.  When it’s time to exhale, you’ll enjoy that succulent caramel that sends the sweet tooth over the moon.


Life is a tropical fruit blend that will have you dreaming of gorgeous beaches in paradise.  A trio of tantalizing tastes join forces to soothe and refresh you from head to toe while elating each and every taste bud.  If you’re feeling thirsty, this is the vape juice that you want to reach for.  Just trust us.

When you inhale that luxurious vapor, you’ll find yourself salivating over the tart and tangy taste of island-fresh passionfruit.  Then, succulent orange juice drips along the palate, hitting the spot with its sharp and zesty flavor.  Just when you think that it doesn’t get any more blissful, sweet guava adds the perfect amount of sugar.

Get Your Patriotism on While You Vape

This collection allows us to enjoy everything that’s wonderful about our nation.  Each flavor pays tribute to an iconic American treat that never fails to hit the spot.  If you wanna take your vaping game to the next level, grab all three.

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