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5 Pod Systems You Can Enjoy EVS Salts and VPN Salts With

If you’re a fan of the EVS Salts and VPN Salts lines, you know that only the best pod system will do.  Here at Vapor in A Bottle, we understand that you deserve the very best device possible in order to get the most satisfaction out of your salt nic experience.  That’s why we’ve listed the top five pod mod kits with which you can enjoy your delicious e-liquids that are made with salt-based nicotine. 

Each of these kits has been carefully tested with EVS Salts and VPN Salts e-juices in order to guarantee that our customers will have the most blissful vape possible.

#5: Suorin Air V2

The Suorin Air V2 is an extremely popular pod system that’s as portable as they come.  This slim, card-shaped kit fits in the pocket easily and is a pleasure to hold thanks to its curved, ergonomic design.  It’s also refreshingly lightweight, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy those long nic salt sessions without any trouble.

The powerful 400mAh battery lets you enjoy your EVS Salts and VPN Salts e-juices for hours and hours on end before it’s time to recharge.  The device features a refillable pod cartridge so that you can try out any flavor that you’d like.  Refilling is easy thanks to the ingenious plug system on the pod cartridge.  And, this cartridge holds two milliliters of vape juice at a time so that you won’t have to refill over and over again throughout the day.

#4: Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is a uniquely stylish way to enjoy your EVS Salts and VPN Salts vape juices.  The pod-like shape isn’t just for the sake of being attractive either.  It’s specially designed to feel amazing in the hand, allowing you to indulge in those succulent flavors for a longer period of time with perfect comfort.  The 310mAh battery that’s built into the mod means you’ll be able to get those long vaping sessions in before it’s time to recharge.  Oh, and did we mention that this is one of the most portable pod systems out there, capable of fitting into basically any pocket?

This kit comes with a 2ml refillable pod cartridge that can hold two milliliters of vape juice.  The pod cartridge is specially designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, meaning that you’ll be able to get a fuller flavor that lets you really enjoy those delicious EVS Salts and VPN Salts e-liquids.   

#3: Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

The Mi-Pod from Smoking Vapor has developed quite a cult following, and for good reason.  Many vapers feel that this pod system provides superior flavor that helps bring out the yummy nuances that are in EVS Salts and VPN Salts vape juices.  And, this kit is known for giving that satisfying throat hit that only pure, clean nicotine salts can provide.

What’s unique about this kit is its impressive 950mAh battery that provides a long, long life in addition to an excellent amount of vapor whenever you take a pull.  It also features an OAS (air and oil separated) system that provides smoother inhales so that you can really savor each and every hit of your salt nic e-juice.

#2: SMOK Nord Vape Pod

The SMOK Nord is quickly becoming one of the most coveted pieces of vaping hardware of all time.  If you’re a flavor junkie like the rest of us, this is the kit for you.  You’ll be able to enjoy mouthwatering tastes while you vape your EVS Salts and VPN Salts vape juices.  The 15W output level also gives you the most delightful clouds you could get out of an MTL system.

This kit utilizes a 1100mAh battery for a super long life, meaning you can vape without interruption all day long.  Best of all, the refillable pod cartridge can hold a whopping three milliliters of vape juice, meaning you can spend more time vaping those luscious flavors and less time refilling.

#1: Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod is one of those uniquely sophisticated pod systems that never fails to provide vapers with a luxurious experience.  If you’re going to use EVS Salts or VPN Salts vape juices, we highly recommend checking out this exciting kit.  Despite its compact, portable size, it looks and feels like a conventional box mod.  The 17W output level means lots of satisfying vapor with each and every pull.

This device has a built-in 950mAh battery for long vaping sessions.  The refillable cartridge can hold two milliliters of either salt nic vape juice or freebase nic vape juice, making it surprisingly versatile.  And, the 1.0ohm coil provides the most fabulous flavor imaginable while giving you that punch to the throat that makes you feel satisfied after every puff.

Grab Your Favorite Salt and Use One of These Pod Systems Today!

These five pod kits will help you make the most of your nicotine salts vaping experience.  Each pod system is reliable, durable and designed to give you the most powerful flavor and the most satisfying blast of salt-based nicotine imaginable.  Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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