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3 Brief Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Coils and Wicks

There are major occurrences that can happen to a long-time vaper during a vaping session. One circumstance that can cause the session to come to a halt is the damage caused to the wick. Wick damage can result in an awful mouth and throat sensation as well as a burnt taste of the wick and coil.

With that said, here are 3 efficient tricks and tips that can assist long-term vapers to avoid damage to their wicks.

Taking Primer Puffs
For long-term and frequent vapers, there’s usually a slight burning taste that creeps in when they go for extended periods between hits from their device. This reaction is primarily due to the wick's e-liquid that falls back or evaporates into the tank because of gravity. To prevent the wicks from being saturated on a regular basis, vapers can take smaller puffs after ensuring that the battery is off for the wick to be completely soaked before it is heated it up.

Checking the Size of the Wick
You must closely monitor the wick size, regardless of whether the wicks are made from common materials or if they are bought when they are pre-made. Sometimes, it might appear that the wick fits seamlessly inside the coil; however, vapers must note that the material is bound to expand when juice enters inside it. Once the material of the wick expands, it can easily burn because of the high heat that will occur from the surrounding coils. Also, vapers should ensure that before they begin a new session, their wick size is accurate.

Monitor the PG & VG Levels
Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) usually act differently when exposed to the wicks. All e-liquids are required to have at least one of the two solvents/ingredients. Generally, VG is sweeter and thicker, and the e-liquid thickness can result in the extra sugar buildup on the wick material. The sugar accumulation will then caramelize and create a burnt taste. Also, the sweeter and darker an e-juice is, the higher the odds are for it to cause a buildup of the wick. In this case, it is advisable to change the old wick with a new one as often as possible.

These tips are crucial preventative measures and techniques that can protect your wicks from getting damaged. The primary trick is to replace the old wicks with new ones, so that the chances of the vaping sessions being interrupted by the burnt taste will be minimal. Also, coils need to be well-taken care of because they determine whether they will make or break the entire session.


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